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Dave taken recently

Dave taken recently

Since so many of you are following my husband’s condition I finally decided to temporarily add a page with updates and I will do my best to keep them current.  Remembering that I have my own chronic health issues as well, currently the back problems have had me down for a few weeks.



Most of you know Dave has been ill off and on since Feb. of this year.  He had an angioplasty for a blocked artery but never recovered completely with strength and a normal daily life.  Then he was notified that a spot had been found on his right upper lobe of his lung.  A Pet Scan was done and then a biopsy.  It is maglignant. Since it is a Stage 1 cancer only the size of a nickel, they wanted to remove it but he failed lung studies to have surgery.  The 2nd alternative, Radiation was to have begun but he had gotten ill again with a drop in hemoglobin to 7.5, not seemingly related to the cancer.

911 was called to our home Father’s Day night from his near collapse from BP problems and weakness.  This is the update people keep emailing me for:



Dave who remains at St. Francis Hosp room 311, is hoping for discharge tomorrow.  Some things are yet to be determined in his continued care after d/c and I think that is the hold up.
He had an upper GI scope done 2 days ago which was negative.  Continuing on the search of the anemia, looking for possible blood loss,
he had a Colonoscopy done yesterday.  The best we are getting 2nd hand
via N.P. of doctor, etc. is they removed 3 polyps and some kind of abnormality………..didn’t under stand if it was a “leak” or a “bleed” but whatever it was, they removed the area and cauterized it.  I am sure we will get more complete details tomorrow and I will be contacting the docs to give us more thorough details.  WITH A CANCER ALREADY IN HIS LUNG, THOUGH VERY SMALL, IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHAT THIS WAS THAT WAS FOUND IN HIS COLON.
I am NOT staying with Dave all the time……….this is an arrangement we have between us due to the poor health of both of us.  We stay in contact on the phone often during the day and I visit him for short times.  I saw him yesterday and his spirits are really better than since he was admitted.  I think he has had such uncertainty over his health and shrinking strength that the hospitalization for him has actually been a security for him knowing he is being monitored constantly and they are keeping up with the blood counts too.  I am amazed at the difference.  Fear had really gripped him at home as he had gotten to the point of barely being able to get off his bed to go BR. 
Please continue the prayers you gracious and loving friends and family and fellow church members have lavished upon us.
I am still dealing with the back issue after double  epidurals last Saturday.  It was the first time I was out of bed after 3 weeks so this push to visit Dave, to take care of things at home, etc. has drained me and my dependence on the strength of the joy of the Lord has been my mainstay………………and still is.  We just want the resolution of the diagnosis so he does not have to keep going in for search tests for anemia.
I hope they have found it and fixed it.







  1. Dear Arlene and Dave,
    PLease know the both of you are still in my prayers.
    Sorry i havent emailed but i needed a 22nd surgery with this 1 on my wrist. Healing is a hard thing for me especially as we get older. Dave please keep your spirits up and keep the faith. Arlene, i know how bad back surgery can be. I had it done and i feel 80 some days. Just remember i keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love Laurie
    XOOX+++++++++PS.. Life is a journey and we are just here for a short time, make the most of it.

  2. Arlene and Dave,
    Know I am praying for protection and your healings. I am praising God for the work you both do in faith. I am asking and interceding with abundant faith. When I needed you, you did the same some years back. Now, I will shower you both in prayer and raise my voice to heaven to our most gracious Lord, Jesus Christ.
    May the Jesus we all know, love and adore, bless you and envelope you with His holy healing hands.
    Sue M. from Md

  3. Dear Lord. I lift up sister Arlene And Dave. lord that they will Heal Both. Lord Help Us To Always look to your Difficuits And Situations, Of our health problems. that you will supply with that Peace you always Give Us. And that the pain will Go Away And Make Us Stonger. Amen In the name of our lord we pray. that it will be done we give our lord all the glory. thank you lord..amen amen

  4. GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!


    The doctors feel that there was blood leaking in his colon which caused the anemia and it was taken care of.

    Next: appointments next week for followup including the beginning finally of the RADIATION TREATMENTS FOR THE LUNG CANCER.


  5. Praying for God to send healing .

  6. Praise the Lord Dave is home and you are both together again! Will be keeping y’all in prayer. God bless, Vicki

  7. I am so happy to hear your husband is home. There is something about sleeping in your own bed, near your own bathroom, no matter how sick you may be that somehow comforts you.

    My best to you both.

  8. Dave is naturally extremely tired as he rests. Blood loss over a long time period, despite the
    8 blood transfusions since March, just takes its toll.

    He begins treatment once again for Lung cancer on Tuesday. Long process ahead of us so we have to just go with the flow and we will get our
    house here in the mountains ready for sale as soon as he is able. We need to stay put right now while he undergoes the treatments.

  9. Dave is okay, at home now. But a week in the hospital where he wasn’t allowed up had made him very weak. He needs to get his strength bad so much.

    I cooked one of his favorite kind of meals tonight……..old southern dishes so he is perked up a bit.

  10. My Sweet Angelsister, Arlene and Dave, as well:-)

    Prayers do continue for both of you ~ praising the
    Lord for answering !!!

    Thank the Lord HE is your JOY and both of your
    strength. He is a help in trouble for sure.
    Jesus Christ is our Great Physician and though God does use doctors ~ our Heavenly Father has the LAST WORD ~ not doctors.

    We are agreeing with you that they find the source
    of the anemia and get that straightened out!!!
    Thank the Lord for doctors who won’t give up until the battles are WON ~ HALLELU YAH !!!

    Thank you for the update, sweet angelsis. We know you have SO much on your plate and SO
    appreciate you taking time to keep us posted:-)

    Prayers continue and praises for every victory ~
    Glory to God in the Highest !!!

    With love in Jesus,


  11. For those of you who didn’t know this…….I got nicknamed BALI early in the ministry because I have an originaly screen name that was supposed to be ”beachy” “Balihaij…………Ejust a note of explanation…….


    I am cooking for him and about to get up and dish up some meatloaf for him.

    thanks for prayers!!!!!I feel them today so much more than I have. I was able to do things today and not be so totally wiped out as I have been.

    God love you all!

  12. Dave us doing well. He is not doing his usual activities as he is weakened from everything but he is trying to be up and about the house as he can. He is on OXYGEN continuous use now which is new. He takes it off to walk around here because he doesn’t want to lug those portables.
    But he keeps extra portables in the car, etc.

    He has driven himself to the doctor…….yay!!!

    Will have 2nd treatment tomorrow. Remember they are super dupering these treatments since they got a late start and we live so far out.

    Keep praying. I am trying to do as much as I am able at home. We still need help with things at home and I have 3 hrs of help now twice a month to help me with catchups. I am not able to lift, etc. vacuuming is our biggest concern right now with a shedding dog!!!!!

    What a thankfullness in our hearts for the freedom we have.

    Dave is VERY tired. He falls asleep in his chair the moment he sits down. But we know the treatments do that. He is patiently waiting for the end result. I am trying to pick up some of his end but I tell you a LOT just doesn’t get done right now. God SHALL SUPPLY ALL OF OUR NEED IN CHRIST JESUS! SO NO WORRY!

  14. No changes here. Dave continues exhausted from treatments but otherwise he moves forward.

  15. Hopefully tomorrow is the last Radiation Treatment. That is what they said.
    They have super dosed him so he would
    have fewer trips since we live out.

  16. Sweet angelsister, Arlene, and Dave ~ ~ ~

    TY for keeping us updated on the progress Dave
    is making, as well as, yourself.

    You must know there are so many of us lifting y’all
    in prayer, dear ones. And, our faithful
    Great Physician, Jesus Christ, by whose stripes
    we ARE healed, is watching over both of you.

    I know first hand how difficult it is to keep going
    with chronic illnesses. I appreciate YOUR prayers
    for me and my family, sweet friends.

    May the Lord supply all of your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus . . . just as
    his Word says he does ~ PRAISE HIS NAME !!!

    With love in Jesus ( and mine:-)


  17. Dave had what we hope is his last radiation treatment yesterday. In 6 weeks he returns for
    a new scan and will pass on the report to all of you then. We are expecting the cancer to be GONE!

    They are still following his blood counts closely.
    That will be coming up soon and I will report the result.

    Looks like it will be a slow move if we get to
    to FL………trying to keep the faith and know what God has called us to do, HE will provide the way.
    The big problem is getting thing ready to put the house up for sale. Need a lot of things done in the yard, etc.

  18. Dave continues to recover from the exhaution of the past months. They have taken their toll.
    3 Hospitilaztions, tons of tests and 8 blood transfusions are only part of the story. He has undergone many breathing tests to determine his lung capacity which is quite limited…….the reason they were unable to do surgery to remove the spot on his lung. He is very dependent on oxygen now.
    Dave has previously, although having many serious health problems, continued to be actve. We have a lot of yard and he uses the riding mower tractor to cut it and has attachments to fertilize and so forth. However there are a few spots around out pool where the steep sides, the size, etc. make a riding mower impossible to use.
    So he ususally uses a weed eater type of tool.
    These things are all activites I gave up years ago due to my own problems with neuropathy and back. So its a problems right now because he definitely needs to cut some areas where the dogs like to hang out. I can’t get him to break down and hire it done……..he is so independent he keeps thinks “tomorrow” he can probably do it.

    I am at times at wits ends with some of these things so pray for me too so I may deal with these and the caretaking part I play.

  19. Dave continues to feel extremely exhausted. He saw his primary family doc yesterday. He is so good and a good Christian man. He told Dave he has really been praying for him. Great to have THAT kind doc huh?
    Physically, his Hgb was 10.1 and they say it is not moving up because of the radiation effects. Hoping that will soon change so he will feel stronger. With his breathing so diminished anyway, this extra strain on him is horrible to see.
    I hope to get my Dave back to his his previous
    condition at least. He will see the Cancer doc in Aug. to re check him with a scan I believe.
    PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR HIM. If you saw him you would know why……..he is white and so drained. He lives in his recliner. Tries to do a little thing here or there……..but even getting his own sandwich and a cup of coffee is hard. He is trying to do those things tho to get his strength back

  20. We have altered our goal as far as time to put it on the market goes. We were a bit too anxious and it was grating on our nerves. So we will be aim for the beauty of Spring to show it 2010.

    Spring here is absolutely magnificient with the dogwood trees, azaleas, mountain laurel and we have tons of it here, etc. I feel more prepared so can get the curb appeal like I want it.

  21. I think Dave seems to be gaining a bit more
    stength. He does do a little more such as fix
    his own coffee, breakfast, etc.

    However, he has been having to take a nitro for chest paini every day. He is on a slow release one
    but maybe it needs the dose changed. He makes me uneasy when he is like thhis. Please continue to pray….

  22. Well PTL!
    Although resting all the rest of the day, Dave DID go into town to get an RX for ME because I had dental work and having some apparent infection and a lot of pain. It was a simple quick trip but he did it!

    I will leave this up awhile long as Dave has to see his Heart Doctor and his Oncologist this month…..well in August……and will await there
    We are standing on God’s report right now.

  23. UPDATE: It appears the Radiation side effects have finally subsided as Dave is gaining more
    strength and even breathing is better than before.

    His Hgb has finally moved up to 11.3 HALLELUJAH!

    He is doing more. He gets around the house a lot but must take many breaks to catch his breath.

    He has even gone to gro store for minimal food supplies……….few at a time.

    Praise God.

  24. Dave saw the Radiologist that performed the radiation treatments on him, this past week.
    She said his lungs sound good. They won’t be
    able to determine if the cancer is completely
    gone until Jan. We are resting in Jesus till then.

  25. Hi Arlene,
    This is Frannie you must know you live only a small distance from Richard and I. So happy you are finally in Florida. I have major problems and am still on oxygen/24/7, also will be having some
    clogged arteries that are blocking my BM. I researched herbal remedies, but will not know results. The doctors laughed. But somehow I have it in my mind that God has provided cures for all diseases. We just need to search and pray

  26. I hope you and Dave are doing ok. I had terrible back pain from broken bones in the past. Dr. Khan
    has helped me so much. Office in front of hospital.
    Also please pray for my Granddaughter who will possibly lose one of her Kidneys. She will be having surgery at the Baptist Hospital in Winston
    Salem on Wednesday. Would love to see you, but will wait until I get rid of this cold as well as other things. They have not scheduled my heart
    surgery yet. God bless and keep you both with HIM. Love, Frannie

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