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Seed Time and Harvest

Father God spoke all through His Word about seed time and harvest.  Known to those familiar with the Word is especially the MIGHTY PROMISE  of the words in  Genesis:                             

    Genesis 8:22     

            “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

Further in the Word are more promises and teaching about this subject.  At this time of year it becomes more highlighted in life around us to help us recall God’s Words about the Seed. 

As seed is planted in the earth, it has written within it, it’s on instructions we know today as DNA.  That is how a tomatoe seeds knows it is not to produce an elm tree or a zinnia seed knows to make the flower and not to produce greens for the dinner table. 

We also as Christian are called upon to plant seed into the kingdom of God and it is OUR  FAITH that writes the DNA of harvest that seed will produce.

FAITH is the only thing that really pleases God.  In all we do with Jesus, FAITH is the key to everything.  It is by FAITH we are saved and by FAITH we walk and live.

Let’s remember these facts at this time of the year and as we SPEAK our request for prayer….knowing our faith will produce the harvest in the form of the answer to it.  Knowing in the Name of Jesus we will have what we BELIEVE.

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It’s Time for a National Change for God!


As we see the headlines everyday, they are so full of the very things that the Prophets in both the Old and the New Testaments have spoken of to warn us of the last days.  What are the last days?  They are the time we have to get the gospel, the new hope of God’s plan, out to everyone.  So much has been occurring lately, it is just impossible to keep up.  Without combining this news on TV, Radio and Print, with the Word of God or Christian TV programming, we allow our minds to be filled with despair and fear.

It is so important to pray now more than ever.

Please click on COMMENTS and then write your prayer suggestion or request.  Feel free to simply enter what you think we should be praying for in the national scene or about the church or your very private request.

That is why we are here.

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Looking forward to you all interacting!

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We need the Holy Spirit in our lives now more than ever

As summer heats up and heats us up, the airways are full of more than simply media hype and information.  Every hour it seems some new “Breaking news” or “This just in”, each person in the business wanting the attention for the latest headline.  Sometimes I want to shout BREAKING NEWS:  THE KING IS COMING!!!!!!!!! When I get too dithered up I have to remember the Scriptures told us it would be like this.  It would be like the days of Noah was.  So……………………………………………………………………………………………………. what do we do, we ask each other.  After all, once we are true believers we are accepted right into the huge family of God.  That is another reason we need to find ways to deal with each other here on earth.  I don’t think there will be any “Instructions for Dummies” on how to love each other in heaven, do you?  This earth is the practice place my friend and believe me I still need a lot. 

So, my emphasis here in mid summer is to join with me in taking our bodies and mind and most of all our attitudes into the repair shop that Jesus runs. It is called “RESTORATION” and there is not a place that we can find we won’t need an oil change, a history lesson, a little phsycal exercise, some new parts and a changed heart………….last but not least lets all get an OIL CHANGE with the Sweet Balm of Gilead.

Btw, if you have never been water baptized, now in this heat, it sure is a easy time to find a place.  Some churches have facilities, others use rivers, lakes or members back yard pool.

Just like the proverbial diet we are going to start tomorrow, let’s just stop right, pray, ask Jesus to make your life right with Him and others and be ready for the STORM IS COMING (I am reading Billy Graham’s 2010 update on his original book by that title and urge you to get a copy and do the same).


Do give us your prayers needs.  List them right here.  The was you do it is to click on the LINK that says “COMMENTS”

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Promises of God are ours!


As we enter into March and await somewhat patiently on the signs of Spring, we doubt that it will truly come BECAUSE OF THE PROMISES OF GOD.  He said as long as the earth remains that Springtime and Harvest shall remain as well. Since we see the return of the 4 seasons each year, we, in the same way, trust in Him to fulfill each and every other promise He has made.

Let’s pray together for each other and be faithful to return here to see the needs of others who need our prayer and encouragement.

Don’t forget to leave messages on the Message/Chat page for me and others as well.

TO CATCH YOUR EYE:  please read.  In order to leave a request or a praise report or an update on a prayer request you simply click “COMMENTS” right here on the bottom right hand corner. 🙂 

 I have been slack to keep up the site the past few months with the blahs of winter and the constant tiredness I have had.  God is getting me in gear though and Praise Him, He is never late.  Do email me if you still can’t figure out how to work with this site.  It is easy really.  And the message-chat tab above is a place to chat like on the blogs of Facebook or My Space.  I truly care deeply about this small way of helping people so let me help you as well.


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Peace inside our hearts

Always, our hearts turn to the birth of the Christ child at this time of year.  Yet, the peace He represents comes with a price.  He paid the ultimate price, giving His life so we could have eternal life too.  Throughout history, many have suffered for His story to continue to be told, for us to even now, carry His love in our hearts.

As we face the New Year, let us all be sure we are revived in our hearts to the salvation  He has brought – a gift we have to accept for ourselves……no one else can do that for us/you.  It IS personal, deeply so, yet we must share it for it to be real.  Romans 9:10 says if we believe in our hearts AND confess with our mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord we will be saved.

Let me pray for you.  If you have a request for many to pray for leave it under “comments” and it will be read and prayed over by many.  God bless you all this coming year and the remainder of this one.

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A personal word to you: 

This evening as I was contemplating what next to add on here as a POST – Because where I live, the leaves are beginning to change and fall is definitely moving in with the cooler days and especially nights, I just naturally thought I would do a post on fall colors, etc.

Then as I was about to search for a photo of fall, God spoke to my heart so clearly,  a verse.  I typed it in the search box and it was Psalm 46:4 below which I have obediently copied.  Why?  Why does God want me to write this verse on here now, tonight?  I am not sure but I am sure of one thing, He is speaking to someone who needs to hear this.  Recently, I have gone through some things personal to me that I have dealt with for years.  Quite unexpectantly, the Holy Spirit has moved on my life, using others but defintely bringing healing in an area of my emotional heart.

I believe because of that, He has begun this healing process in me so that I can more effectively reach out to you, to minister to you personally.        I needed this as I was in a dry and thirsty land.  As the Holy Spirit has spoken to me, allow Him to minister to you through this scripture and if necessary, read the whole chapter in your own Bible or the link we have for a online Bible on our right column.

Never give up on God.  No matter what the hurt, the pain, the sickness, the guilt, the longing, HE STILL KNOWS IT IS THERE AND HE STILL KNOWS YOU NEED HIM ALONE TO DELIVER YOU.  I bless you today and ask you to feel free to leave your prayer requests and if you want it annonymous, you can use any name or just type annonymous.  Your email can be one you don’t normally use if you want to keep it private from me.  I am the only one who ever sees it anyway.


 There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High.   Psalm 46:4

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Come to me, Jesus says to ALL of us…….


Leave your request for prayer for we WillPray4U


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Prayer Requests give us Hope!

Romans 5:2
through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.
Ephesians 1:18
I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints,
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Communication with God

***Prayer request for my hubby Dave is down this page………..Click on COMMENTS


Prayer is our communication with God.  It is not only us speaking to Him, but allowing Him to speak to us through listening with our our spiritual ear.  He longs for that communication more than anything.  We who are parents, know this feeling for if our child or children were to turn away from us and not even speak to us because they were too caught up with their lives, our hearts would be broken.

As we pray now, let’s remember how often we were instructed to pray by the apostles as well as Jesus. 


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He is Risen!………….He is Risen Indeed!!!


It is simply because of the glory of the cross that prayer IS real!  As you think of your  request, simple click on COMMENTS and leave your request as instructed inside the box.




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