Why Do You Pray?











Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace,  that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

Prayer should be our first choice, not our last, to find out way through life. This is one of the many secrets of a good prayer life. We often proceed through life as if things would simply fall into place as they should. If not, then we pray. This is not God’s choice for us. He wants to communicate with us all day long.

His Word is the primary way He speaks to us but not the only one. Our primary way to speak to Him is prayer. The Bible is so full of instructions for prayer that one could write many books about it and many indeed have done so. As our nation and the world is facing such crises, it is a good time to get our communication lines with God open wide. The scriptures abound with invitations from Him to pray. It also is filled with promises when we do.  Prayer is our response to God’s will. Let’s look at a few more secrets of a productive prayer life.

Keep our eyes fixed on Go,d not upon our requests.
Pray out of obedience not out of desperation.
Pray first by praising God because He is worthy of our praise.
Pray with a thankful heart. There is always something for which to thank him.
Pray in detail, not in general.
Pray in the Spirit and by the Spirit.

There are areas of prayer and moving through them helps us when we set aside a time of quietness to pray daily. These can be elaborated on in great detail but I will simply list them for thought.

Praise – thanksgiving –  confession – intercession – petition –  listening.

These, when done in this order, move our hearts and we begin as we praise Him to want to do more. We begin to ”feel”  His heart touching ours and prayer ceases to be an effort but becomes a joy and delight.  Real prayer is a privilege of accessing God through the Lord Jesus Christ!  Anyone can pray.  But it is also an art that can be improved by practice.  The more we pray, the more we find out what helps us the most, what pleases God the most.
There are many places to go for help to pray effectively. But the best of all is simply to do it. Do it regularly. Schedule a time each day for prayer. If we don’t plan it, Satan will see to it we don’t have time to do it. We pray when we have a need but prayer is much more than asking God to do something for us. It is a blessed time of fellowship with Him and a time to see Him. Yes, we can actually get to know the Lord so much better as we pray more and more. Talking to Him as if He were sitting right there beside you makes Him very real to you. As you progress in planned prayer, you will also find yourself talking to God all day. As you move about at home, on your job, driving in the car or whatever you are doing, wherever you are going, He is beside you even within you.
The one thing that moves the hand of God is prayer.  The prayer of faith turns life around. Need is not what moves God’s hand.  Faith is.  As you pray your faith will begin to increase because you will begin to see His hand at work in your life and other’s around you more and more.
Remember He said to pray without ceasing. He said to come boldly to His throne. He has told us to expect answers. This is just a simple guideline to prayer and in the future I will write more about how to fine tune some areas of prayer.
Don’t forget to ask us to pray for you. Jesus said in Matthew 18:19: “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” SUCH A PROMISE!  Claim it and share your requests with us by listing them on the PRAYER REQUESTS section of this Blog.  No hour is too late or too early to all us for prayer.
WillPray4U@aol.com is also always open for your needs.. Let all of us join in together in building a quality prayer life.

Because we have readers from all over the world and different time zones, many simply surf in to read and pray over the requests.  I have several committed prayer warriors for this site.  Praise God!!!!!







Written by Arlene Sheridan Jones
Copyright Dec. 2003

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