Does God Always Pull Us Out of Difficulties? (archived)



 Ships you might ask.  Why ships?  Because life carries us through life like a journey.  Sometimes we feel like our ship is sinking.  Maybe we feel it is simply not moving……no wind in the sail?   We can find ourselves feeling not only are we sinking,  but all in our “ship” are about to drown as well! 

I often read various devotionals myself and came upon something about Paul’s journey in ACTS 27, to Malta.  It is well worth reading the whole chapter with this thought in mind…….God did not stop the situation.  He did not keep the ship together.  He did not send angels to lift them up and out of the storm.  Instead, He made a way for them to get THROUGH the situation, through the storm.   One grabbed the mast and used it as a raft.  Another on a plank made it to short while yet another had to swim all the way.   Paul had actually been spoken to by God through an angel, telling him that all who remained on the ship would not lose their lives.  And so as he instructed them it was so. 

Obedience is such a key to getting through anything.   Obedience is better than sacrifice God told us and this has been so true in my own life.  I have two adult children.  We had a boy and then a girl.  They both know this to be true so I can freely say…… daughter was obedient to crossing the T’s and dotting the i’s.  Because of that, we could trust her in any situation.  Sometimes I felt like God had given me an angel to raise.  She surely was not like her mom (sad to say).  Our son on the other hand was not obedient which caused a lot of hardship on us as well as his own self.  But this boy would to this day, cut off both arms if he could save another from losing theirs!  He is such a giver even to a fault.  I remember in his early marriage he would leave his grass unmowed till I would be upset about it because of the kids, because he was out mowing other people’s that needed help more than he did.  He would finally get his done too but that is my son.  He always loved the Lord and lived for Him, and I am very proud of this man who is our son today! Yet with all that love he showed…..I truly had rather him have chosen obedience.  How many frustrations, troubles and worries could have been saved.  I can see easily why God wants our obedience more than anything else.  He can trust us when we obey Him.

The point is God has not promised always to bring sunny days.  He has promised to be with us no matter what.  He knew we would go through hard times which is exactly why we have so many promises of His carrying us through.  He says in Psalms that He is our refuge and strength, a strong tower.  He tells us how He hides us, and covers us like a mother hen does her babies with His wings.  I have lived through so many things in my life as you surely have too.  I seem to always need to be healed from something and although I have had miracles of amazement, God has not yet completed the healing of my body.  Yet just when I think I can go no further with the pain I carry, He comes through with His Spirit to meet my needs.

Yes, we can trust God to take us through anything in our lives.  Paul and over 200 men in the ship with him lost the ship but not one life was lost.  We too must realize that God will save us.  No matter where or how, we will go through troubles but not alone………as the old hymn says “NO, NEVER ALONE”.

Written by Arlene Sheridan Jones August, 2008

All rights reserved.

aka “Bali”


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  1. Thank you to those who have emailed me in regards to this message. I do really appreciate knowing that I was hearing God.

  2. I know this is of the Spirit because it spoke to my heart. I am going through months of depression and feeling at times of hopelessness. This gave me renewed hope to face the future. Thank you Arlene.

  3. Hi Arlene,

    Thank you so much for your ministry. I don’t know what I would do without your’s and PARIS’S daily devotions and ways to send in prayer requests and comments. God bless you both….

    The messages keep me company and keep me balanced in my days. I always forward them to almost everyone on my address list.

    Please keep me and my family and friends in your prayers. My son and I have just recently had surgery. His neck and my back. Please pray for complete and rapid healing for both of us.
    Please also pray for his son and daughter for church homes and salvation.

    My daughter and her husband and two boys need a church home and salvation. God has promised in His Word to take care of this but I don’t think you can ever have enough prayer.

    I love you and thanks again for keeping in touch with everyone through your ministry.

    Please pray for a friend of our family who has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Cancer and it is in remission. He is a christian.

    Love and Blessings, Annette

    Love and Blessings, Annette

  4. Bali, what a wonderful devotional. thank you my friend in Christ

  5. That is a beautiful devotional, Bali.

    You might like to see the song I wrote “He’s My Lord.” I posted it today on my blog.

  6. I keeping thinking it is time to write a new devotional but this one is SO APPLICABLE to the things going on in all of our lives and in our country and world………I am waiting for God’s signal to me to take it down and put the new one up.

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