Through It All

THROUGH IT ALL snowcover

In our lives, we are prone to do things without a definite plan of action. God doesn’t.
Long ago Christ promised that He would build His church. In Matthew
17:18-19 Jesus speaks to Peter when Peter correctly identified who Jesus
really is, these words: “And I say also unto thee, that thou are Peter, and
upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail
against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven:
and whatsoever that shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven” and
whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”
We are told from the onset by Jesus himself, that there will be a conflict
upon this earth regarding His church.
Throughout the rest of the New Testament we are given instructions on how to
wage this warfare, what weapons we are to use and MOST IMPORTANTLY,

How often each day do we attack one another? Think about this. How often
do we become angry at a person? Perhaps not even always are we
outwardly angry but inside our minds where the seeds are sown, does
discord begin. Yet our Lord through divine inspiration of scripture has told
us plainly that we need to take EVERY THOUGHT INTO CAPTIVITY UNTO THE
OBEDIENCE OF CHRIST. It is pretty evident why. God so knows our human
nature in our carnal mind for he created us and was there when man fell.
Yet in His great matchless grace and boundless mercy He provides us with
instructions on how to live to overcome these easily retained beginnings
of sin. There is no sinful temptation from which we cannot find the escape,
through the blood of Jesus. What a comfort! Although not easy, it is a promis

God has called his elect our of a world of sin and darkness and told us not
to be OF the world though we are IN the world. This calling apart is not
an end in itself but only a beginning. You see He knew from the beginning that
we would need to be trained much like a soldier in boot camp.
I have not been in a military boot camp. But my husband has as well as
many others. It is not a vacation for sure. But a radical beginning to be
equipped and trained to go forth into this world and fight the good fight of

Jesus told us the fields are white and ready to be harvested……….2000 years ago.
Yet today our church – this body of believers are still not ready to bring
it in. We wonder sometimes why the wait and what will make God decide to
say “Okay SON, go!!!!!!!”

Warfare within the church itself is mounting. There are many believers who have
good intentions yet are not equipped at all and these will fall victim to the enemy’s hand. Matthew 24:24 tells about those who think they are ready but instead are not even saved.
We have to learn to be ready. Training is often fatiguing, overwhelming.


In my personal life, I have strained and suffered much these past 20 years
particularly beginning with cancer attacking our family not to mention
all the other things that began to happen in my individual family in 1992
particularly. I look back and wonder how I survived that year. Now I can
look back and totally praise God for all we endured because of the eventual
outcomes and the lessons learned.

Even now, my husband and I deal continually with physical burden, sometimes
wondering will we make it through this current battle. However as I have sought
the Lord with everything in me, He keeps telling me he same thing over
and over and over again. “You are my child and you are called forth to
go into the world to minister. You will not do this without conflict with the
enemy. For he is headed in one direction and you are headed in
another. Go onward no matter what you must bear for I have told you
will never suffer more than I will give you strength to bear. You
will never encounter an attack without the weapons to wage the warfare.
Stay in my word, look not back but know this my child, you will see a
growing of intensity in these battles. Many will question, why your are
suffering so many things. These will not understand that you are being
readied with each stage of battle to go on to the next one. Only by
experience and taking clear orders from your God will you overcome.”
(Thus said the Lord to me.)

I am sure many of you can identify with these words. I think they are
directed to many of you also. Friends, fear not, do not give up, do not despair,
when all seems to be breaking apart, sickness overwhelms, troubles mount
and finances deplete. In Leviticus you can read about what God will
do for you (Lev. 25 beginning with verse 8).
Jesus suffered also and learned obedience by it ……… are we greater than He?
How often were we disciplined as a child or do we need to do the same to our children.
Let us look at the whole picture and despair not. Will you reach out with me
and let us join hands with one another as we each go through our trials and sufferings? A
LWAYS there for one another through this brotherly love God has given for us to use.
Let us love one another and we will all make it.


 Written by Arlene Sheridan Jones
Copyright 2009


  1. I felt led to write this because of the time in the United States we are beginning a new administration. Many things will change, we will
    form difference of opinion but it is not time to put away malice and strife and pray for our nation and its leaders and all join together with hope and a vision of a better tomorrow.

  2. good word here.

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