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  1. Hi Friends, Hope you are all doing well. Thought I’d drop in to say Hello.
    A lot has been going on at my house. The Grandchildren have been over swimming almost everyday. When I start to get overwhelmed I think that they will be back to school and I won’t see them much. Then I feel weepy. I love these girls so much. I have 6 granddaughters. Bailey-12, Abbey-10, Morgan-9, Haley-7, Brenna-6, Jamie-4. And then I have a young Mom living with my husband an I till she can get herself on her feet financially. My daughters friend from work, was laid off July 2007 and just went back to work in May. Jen, has Chloe- 15months. What a little Doll! Well, have a good day, All.
    Love and prayers,

  2. What a nice family Joyce.

    You sound very kind to help out this mom as well.
    God bless you especially.

  3. If you visit us, we would appreciate your comments on this page to let us know how
    we can serve you best on this site.

    WillPray4U Ministries

    “Bali” aka Arlene

  4. Hi Arlene and All Folks,
    So good to see/hear from all. I was doing ministry traveling during the Holiday Weekend. It was an amazing time of intercession. God strategically placed me to be able to deal with the hurricane. Needless to say, I wasn’t the only one; but surely, God made a way where there was no way.

    I discovered that while the name of the hurricane was Gustav, which means, “Staff of God . . .” which turned out not to be our god. As the hurricane hit land on the first day of Ramadan. Thus, this was being sent by radical Islams and clerics that have desired the economic destruction of this great country of ours.

    Thus, I had to come against those principalities. If you desire more information about this, please email me separately.

    After bringing these principalities down God had me come against the storm as I stated in my previous prayer request.

    This time, the storm began to weaken, and after heading north in a totally unexpected pattern for the meterologists (sp), this storm has weakened quite a bit. Reports that I received from Louisiana, indicated only strong rain left behind.

    God is ever so faithful.

    The rest of my ministry time, which I spent mostly in East Texas, was spent eating amazing food, ministry to individuals, and even singing a praise song or two.

    Heading for Dallas/Fortworth I had a layover in Phoenix, and 30 minutes after we landed, a microburst and a tornado hit the terminal where I was at. It blew an entire wall of windows, and popped the tiles from the ceiling. Goodness, that was a mess.

    I’ve had a great time doing great works for God, and seeing Him show up to show off. God is so awesome.

    I am standing in agreement with all prayer requests trusting God to answer them powerfully. He is so faithful and awesome.

    Kingdom Blessings and Apostolic Favor,
    Apostle Luis (Teddy Bear) Chaves Sr.
    PTTIG Christian Ministries International
    *People Totally Trusting In God
    Reseda, CA 91335

    Good to hear from you. Let me know how your wife and family are doing. Just a note to let you know something you might not have known.
    Angelros57 aka Sandy, my DEAREST friend and Board member left this world to be with Jesus suddenly a year ago last Jan. Was Jan. 4, 2007. She had just lost her husband to lung cancer 4 months before this and never really got over that. She was so in love with Jesus. She probably wanted to go. She was the exact same age as myself. She was the one I took to the beach to get her away for awhile back in 2003. She was on oxygen for COPD. I feel like I lost a member of my family……we were that close. She lived only 60 mountain miles from me. We talked on the phone frequently and online daily.
    She is heaven’s gain though.

  5. Hi Guys,

    Arlene, what brand of carpet did you have installed? We really need new carpet and I haven’t shopped around yet.. have any suggestions?

    Am fine…back continues to improve.. Hope yours is better also. Please pray for my10 year old grandson. He has been hitting my 4 year old brother every chance he gets when no one is looking.???Its the enemy I know. Please help me pray about this. I went through this with my son’s kids and it wore me out emotionally and physically. I don’t want to go through this again. I don’t think I can handle it emotionally.

    As you probably are aware, we are possibly in the path of another storm here in Florida – at least one-IKE. I am praying that it will dissipate or change directions and just go back to sea.

    Pray all of you are fine and healthy.

    Thank you for your prayers.

    Love and Blessings,

  6. sorry, not MY brother – HIS brother. My 10 year old grandson is hitting my 4 year old grandson….. etc.
    (above) , Annette

  7. I am on this seemingly endless task of putting everything back after having new carpet installed.
    I have to slowly do it due to my back but I am trying to toss some things and reduce clutter.

    Love our new carpet though. Excellent choices.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. Will attempt to update some things on here if I get time.

  8. Dearest Arlene,
    I’m so sorry to hear about Sandy, but, as God is so merciful, He always makes ways for us that are not there to begin with. We can only rejoice that she is now in such an awesome place, in the very realm of Glory in the Arms of the Father. Praise God.

    My family are all doing well. My wife is in excellent health, my Mother (that trooper) has been through a tad bit of a rough time: Last year she had cancer of the breast, but went through it with flying colors, and has come out fitter and stronger then ever. Also, the Wagoner’s has held back as well, and is doing great.

    My son, Louie Jr., went to Canada and got married on us with a woman that he met online. Well, neither one of them was prepared for a relationship, and have suffered the consequences. They are doing a tad better now after extended counseling.

    My two other children, Sarah and Israel, are doing so much better. Sarah, age 10, is in advanced placement honor subjects, as she has been scoring in the top 5% scholastically. “Smart Cookie!”

    Israel, age 16, has joined the Navy ROTC in school, and is maturing at an amazing rate.

    Both of them, as well as Junior are all ordained. Mother is ordained as well.

    My wife Fay was ordained as an Apostle a couple of years ago. Boy do we have exciting times around here with the whole family being ordained.

    I’m now part of an amazing program that will soon fund our entire ministry, and I will finally have a set yearly salary, as well as a note for $60K to purchase a brand new vehicle. Thinking very strongly of the GMC Yukon Denali Hybrid.

    The remainder of my ministry will be funded at intervals of 5 years, and all details will be included, additionally: traveling expenses, taxes, utility bills, etc . . . et al . . .

    Many more details to come. I will surely keep you abreast of them. Also have been doing quite a bit of traveling. Even was in South and North Carolina a month ago. Had to attend a bunch of business meetings, hence, I had to forgo any contact with other great folks in the area, such as yourself.

    I was near Columbia, about an hour east in a little town called Scranton. Goodness, no phone signal whatsoever.

    Looking forward to more communication.

    Kingdom Blessings and Apostolic Favor,
    Apostle (Teddy Bear) Luis E. Chaves Sr.
    *PTTIG Christian Ministries International
    *People Totally Trusting In God
    7324 Reseda Blvd., PMB # 269
    Reseda, CA USA 91335
    May the Lord bless you today in a way that is undeniable. May His grace overshadow you, and His goodness surprise you. May He smooth out the path before you, and give strength to your legs as you run to Him and for Him. May He be glorified by your testimony, and may His name be exalted because you have trusted and obeyed Him. May you stop for a moment today and be touched by His love for you, and may you reach out and touch others with a love they cannot explain. In Christ Jesus, I convey this blessing to you, may you receive it and be blessed.
    ~~ Wayne Dillard

  9. Goodness,
    I forgot to mention my own health. Diabetes has been completely defeated, I’ve lost over 150 lbs in the last year and half.

    I no longer take ANY kind of medication. It was proven completely that all the diabetic medications were the cause not only of COPD, but a complete destruction of my lungs by AVANDIA. This medication should NEVER be given to anyone who’s had congestive heart failure. And a hospital gave it to me as part of their ‘PROTOCOL’ medications, without even looking at my chart.

    Two years later, I had no lung capacity left, and had to use liquid O2 24/7. After learning about detox methods via “OIL SWISHING” lungs were regenerated and restored. Glory to God.

    And the process has brought me back to strong health. Still not fully recovered from all the damage caused by LIPITOR (destroys COeQ10, and thus all muscle building enzymes in body. Mostly affected were my legs, and I was not able to walk for over 3 years. I’m now back on my feet, with a little help; and continue to improve. God is so awesome.

    There you now have all the updates. Huge blessings to you and Dave.

    Kingdom Blessings and Apostolic Favor,
    Apostle (Teddy Bear) Luis E. Chaves Sr.
    *PTTIG Christian Ministries International
    *People Totally Trusting In God
    7324 Reseda Blvd., PMB # 269
    Reseda, CA USA 91335

  10. Bali…this is a peaceful and beautiful blog. I really enjoy the feel of it and will be back.

    God Bless us Everyone! 🙂

  11. Thanks a bunch Therese! You are a special friend and I value your comment!

  12. Hello Arlene and All,
    I’ve been praying for all requests, and thanking God for His answer to all prayers. He is so faithful and ever so trustworthy.

    Just saying hi to all and thanking God for this awesome day which He has made.

    Kingdom Blessings and Apostolic Favor,
    Apostle (Teddy Bear) Luis E. Chaves Sr.
    *PTTIG Christian Ministries International
    *People Totally Trusting In God

  13. Hi back!

    Just doing some ministry work online. Will be making new Post on the Prayer Request (front) page hopefully later today.

    Still getting this house put back together after the carpet install. It is like moving in!!!!!

  14. Hi Arlene,
    I can almost relate, we’ll have to move out of this condominium soon. Have need for a bigger place/house.

    I’m praying for your back to strengthen and all other issues to be resolved. Medically and likewise.

    Huge blessings to you and Dave.

    Kingdom Blessings and Apostolic Favor,
    Apostle (Teddy Bear) Luis E. Chaves Sr.
    *PTTIG Christian Ministries International
    *People Totally Trusting In God

  15. Good Morning all, I hope your day is a good one! I am new to this blog and would love to chat with all of you. I thank God every day for what I have. I pray that my mom will be with me for a very long time. I don’t what I would do with out her.

  16. Is anyone here right now? If, not May God Bless all of you!

  17. Hi Cindy! {{{{{{{{{{{{{Cindy}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    we know each other from a couple other blogs so we will help anyone that is not used to blog chats.

    Cindy I really have prayed for you to find the new arrangements you need. I have such faith about this when I pray because I know God wants this for your mom.

    How are you feeling? Me? Same old… but I hae accomplished more than I ever do because of having the new carpet laid down. Taking me awhile but it is getting done.

    Keep in touch on here. I sleep late so am rarely on in early morning unless I just happen to wake up, then I check this.

  18. Good morning to you Cindy and to you Bali 🙂

    Good to see someone on here. I think we keep missing each other but it will work out when people get used to it.

    That IKE hurricane looks threatening. Poor Gulf coast peoples. Just no let up doeesn’t seem like.

    Bali, how is your back?

  19. hey folks, could we all stay in touch here a lot better? I know it takes times to do it and a lot of people work but I don’t and home so would welcome this as a place to talk to others.

    I am battling depression. If anyone has any hints let me know.

  20. Hello Everyone! I hopw everyone is well and are recieving their prayer requests from God! God Bless all of you!

  21. Hi Guys,

    Just checking in to see how everyone is doing…
    I don’t know too much about blogging. Guess the deal is to check in from time to time to see blogging is progressing and add our blog????

    Let me know if this is or is not how it goes.

    Pray you are all well and looking forward to the weekend. I get so bored over the weekends that
    I guess I need to probably just sit on the computer for two days??

    Love, Annette

  22. Annette,

    The chat can go on and on. Depends on the activity of the blogs, the subject matter, etc.
    Some are simply written by the owner and
    different entries are called “threads” with people commenting on them.

    Then the way this is set up, the chat goes on and on for us. The only page I change the ”threads” aka “posts” is the main page on front with different entries.

    That is probably clear as mud haha. But the chat can be a lot of us on here at once but you have to refresh your page a lot if that happens. I have been on a few blogs and have one small one which is a group of a dozen or so of us…….is a secular one but we are caring people who care about what happens to each other and everyone pretty much blogs on it daily and some hourly.

    I hope this will become much more active. I would like to see you say hi as often as you can…meaning at least daily so I know you are doing alright. My devotionals will probably be done montly. I will take the current one down and put up a new one in case you want to save it.

  23. btw EVERYONE, if you want to SUBSCRIBE to the blog, it will let you know automatically when there is something new posted and on which page.

    Click on the upper right hand corner of the page where it says BLOG INFO

    The menu under it has a ”subscribe” button.

  24. I am up all night watching “IKE” on Fox News
    and some on the Weather Channel. I am a FNC fan. I think they cover stories like this the best.
    That is IMHO. 😀

    If you want to use the smilies……Word press has some neat ones. On the right hand side of the front page is a list of different links under Blog roll. Click on the smilies link and you will find some helpful ones. I might experiment with a few in a second.


    From Therese who has her own blog……from your perspective…..

    From Annette who is completely new to blogging…

    From Jo who like me has wound her way around a few as has Cindy D and others…..

    And from anyone else…….


    I am using a basic blog which provides me with multiple templates. I chose the one which provided me my ministry colors yet allowed me to make my own header, etc. I love the design and have NO problem with it.

    I am not completely happy about a couple of other things but one is fixable, the other isn’t.
    I would like to be able to have “Posts” aka “Threads” on any page I add but they do not allow that. I have to make my first page as my Posting page. I found out I CAN make a “static” front page which I am going to investigate and then make the “Posting” page the 2nd page.
    That might help some of you.

    Here is my problem I don’t know why this is so confusing to so many. I read ALL the comments so that is fine right now. But the first page is the Prayer Request page. That is the purpose of the blog actually… receive these requests so I can pray over them and hopefully some of you who visit will do the same. I know some are coming only to pray over the requests and are not posting. I try to put up a new thread every few days. If this at some point becomes more active, I will be putting up new Posts more often.

    It is hard for me to understand that many of you put your requests on the chat page, the Emergency page, etc. instead though. The Emergency is just that. I used to send out “RED ALERTS” which were for like people with heart attacks, an Amber Alerts, or anything extremely time sensitive in case people don’t read their mail right away. I am using the Emergency page in liew of that. I don’t CARE if you get them on the wrong page but I just want to make it simple.
    So how aobut everybody that visits here WRITE A COMMENT ON THIS CHAT PAGE EXPLAINING WHAT IS SO CONFUSING ABOUT THIS TO ME. A few write me that they don’t understand blogging.

    So Therese, maybe you can write your own interpretation of what this is from your viewpoint.
    I just might try the static front page with a list of what each page is for and a nice picture on it.
    It maybe won’t have a place for comments.
    I wish I had a word to use instead of comments for the prayer requests but that is default and I can’t change this.


  25. This is a test of smilies

    🙂 😀 😦 8o 80 :mrgreen:

  26. 😯

  27. oh goody. They are like the other wordpress blog I used to be on

  28. You can subscribe to this too by using the RSS
    go to the top right hand corner of this page and click on BLOG INFO. ON the drop down menu click on Subscribe and you can get informed by email when there is an addition to this.

  29. Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is doing well, I just want to tell you all I am really a night owl, I have the strangest sleeping hrs. I would love to get to know you all, but we aren’t meeting at the same time. If you want to to get us all started , I can ask Bali to give you my e-mail address and then that way we all could let each other know when everyone is on here! What do you all think? God Bless!

  30. Hi Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 :mrgreen:

    I am trying to get the ball rolling on here. I am actually a night owl as well….just been TRYING to change to get to sleep a bit earlier but you NEVER KNOW WHEN I AM SLEEPING OR AWAKE! So if you are up at any time during the night, just get on here and holler. I will be checking it.

    We are getting a lot of hits but not getting as many chatters as I would like. I have over 300 on my membership list so it is just a matterof stirring them up I guess!

  31. I am here. I don’t come often except to check on the prayer needs. I do pray for them. I will try to come to the chat more though.

    Is anybody affected by the storm IKE?

  32. Come on everybody. Do get a chat going on here.
    That would be fun and inspirational! Invite friends too.

  33. Let me know how you like the new arrangements and changes made on here.

  34. Dear Bali,

    I am yr “arlene” remember down from India ;Chennai ie tamil nadu, how are you doing, please pray for my niece who is in america who is a born again to find apartner she is a nurse, she is 32 years old, all marriage alliance do not seem to work out. Request your prayers

    Thank you :Arlene

  35. I would love to start a chat with all of you, but when is it a good time for everyone to come on here? Arlene, I will pray for your niece!

  36. Where has Hishearts been? I have not seen him on here! I would like to see him come back on here so we can all chat together God Bless you all!

  37. Hey Arlene from India!
    Oh how well I remember you! We met on the internet prayer ministry and I wrote you because
    we have the same name. I sure would LOVE IT
    Bless your heart! I know since you were born again it has been rough but you have hung in there. Praise God for you and I pray for your neice too.

  38. God Bless you all . It is so wonderful to hear from Apostle Teddy Bear again. Wow what a miracle restoration God has done for you!!!
    I have a dear friend with COPD and wonder if you could give any input to her as we are sure that total healing is all but manifested ;o)

    I pray for those who were taken out of facilities and those who were ill and removed in the paths of these horrible storms. It is the poor and the ill that suffer the most . We are to be HIS HANDS EXTENDED to those in need.

    Lets pray for God to flow thru us today!
    In Jesus

    Rev Kathryn

  39. Hi Guys,

    Was taking with Bali earlier, and told her i would check into the Chat Blog about now – 8PM-8:25pm. Anybody here?

  40. hey

  41. didn’t have time to log in so just did the bali thing

    I have a friend I told you about……..emailed her to come on. She is like you, hunting a time when others will come aboard

  42. Annette, this pic is current. Dave cuts my hair for me and it is a bit too short for my taste cut will grow again. I just want enough to put it up at home. I always wear it up unless I am cold, when I am at home.

    I have a headache and everything else ache the last few days. Went to church yesterday though.

    I have a possible church you might be interested in btw……….it is my son’s and you would probably love it

  43. r u here?

  44. Yes, am here.

  45. you have to refresh…….guess you figure that out……the easy way is to hit F5

  46. ok- will try. Allan had told me to hit F5. But didn’t work really well. I had to log out and come back.
    ok- Yeah my back has been bothering me too – but then it seems to do it anyway.

  47. You said you are going to pain management when?

  48. Kevin’s church…….wow I could explain this on the phone easier but just briefly…….it is in Mulberry right now but was on south FL Ave. in the old KoKoMo lounge. But the owners wanted to sell it so they are in Mulberry now.

    they are small. But they believe like you and I believe. Kevin is an Elder now. :-D. My grandkids (his 5) all go there and his new wife as of 2005, Aimee from the Philipines goes there. She is an RN. Stephanie who is 19 and my granddaughter goes there. She is in PCC nursing program.

  49. They are a very close knit group. They are like family to Kevin and the kids. When his first wife left him and the kids, that church was his “glue” that helped him. We were there then. When we go home we go there now and if I were to have to move back to Lakeland, which I could if something happened to Dave or we got unable to care for this place, we would go there. Name of it is RESTORATION.

  50. I go to my family doc in the morning for Fasting blood work and then Thursday I go to the Pain Center. I have to get generics so does they oxy pill come in long acting or in generic or what. I have never taken it. I used the pain patch but it was too effective. Made me crave more so I got off of it.

  51. The only problem is that my grandsons are on north side off Daughtery Road. I want them to go and I don’t know if my daughter would be faithful to bring them here. You know we live on Lake Hollingsworth Dr.

  52. yeah I know. Do you live in the apartments there? I wondered because you mentioned carpeting. Do they not do that for you if you rent?

  53. While I’m thinking of it- Oxycodon is the generic long acting pill. 20 mg. time release – I took it for two months then came off it. I didn’t have a problem with coming off of it.

    On other subject- No, we own one of the condos – One lake Hollingsworth Dr. Condo 11 on Northwest corner of lake.

  54. Annette, could you get Allan to set up Aim for you so that when you come online I can see you?

    It is the AOL instant messenger but you can use it on verizon or anything. I think you can use the same name you use to have or if you forgot it just be RNBILLIE2 lol. I would love it if we could chat more

  55. NW corner. Is that not the same corner where the apts. are? What street is by you. All this time I thought you lived in Lake Holls. Apartments.
    I have known a lot of people who lived there.
    But didn’t know there were condos. That is great. I am so happy for you guys!!!!!!

    Does Allan have kids?

  56. ok-I’m on as rnbillie2. What is your screen name?

  57. Add 3 I have cause I move around:

  58. Yes, we own one of the condos not apartments.

    Yes, Allan has grown childen-two- Male and female-and 4 grandchildren.

  59. Glory is a name I started for family only and then I joined the pogo game club and use it for that. Now it has become the one that my church family uses and I order stuff on that name too.

    I keep this one for blogging and such. When I want to “work” online

  60. I think it looks really nice, Bali 😉

    Very clean and easy to follow…I will be back sooner rather than later…

    Thanks for the chat link too!

  61. Good evening! If anyone visits, drop us a note here so we know you are visiting this site.

    Also let me know if you would like a special time for many to gather here each day.


  62. Greetings in the glorious name of Jesus to all my brothers and sisters! Praise God for the amazing testimonies shared here and the merciful answrs from the Lord to lesson the severity of the hurricanes (very intersting about the names of the storms apostle Teddy)! To those still awaiting the answer to the prayers i besseech the Father in Jesus name to hear and answer and may He be lifted up and glorified, amen! God bless you all!

  63. Good to see more responding to Bali’s setup here.
    This has a foreseeable future but we need to urge our friends online to take advantage of this.

    I checked out the smilies on the blog roll and that link has a lot of smiles for us to use:

    😆 💡 🙄 😯 8) 😈 :rasp:

  64. oops missed that last one but there a many more.

  65. Hi Everyone, Bali I am so sorry I missedbyou all the other night, I fell asleep early! I will try again later on ok? God Bless all of you!

  66. just checking to see if anyone else is available.

  67. Looking for Cindy D………….calling Cindy D. 😆

    Leave me a note if you bop in!

  68. Notice…………new POST on PRAYER REQUEST PAGE

  69. Hi Bali and Everyone! Sorry I haven’t been here lately but I have been very very busy! Hope all of you are well, and I will talk to you all soon, God Bless

  70. Sorry I missed you Cindy and Annette too.
    Been sick but am getting better. God IS good!

  71. Good Morning everyone! Bali, I am so sorry that you don’t feel good! I will say a prayer for you to get well! Have a good day all! God Bless!

  72. Hi Guys,

    This is a test. Checking out my computer to see if it working ok. Love you

  73. good evening to anybody surfing! Leave a message so we can know you were here 🙂

  74. just surfing like you said. Cool place here.
    will be back.

  75. Hi Guys,

    Just dropping in…my computer has been acting up. So I have not been able to check earlier today. Boy, am I glad football season is back..makes me feel young again.

    God is good!! Praise His name…

  76. Annette,
    Do you attend the local games? Or are you a TV fan like most of us?


  77. Hey, we attend local Dreadnaught games. But watch Tampa Bay Bucs also, the Patriots, the Colts and the Giants ( I like the Manning brothers)
    I will also be watching the Jets as Bret Favre is there now. I never watched him before but I want to see how he does on the Jets. I guess because there was such a” todo” about him coming back from retirement.

    My son, Tim, and I have the games in common as he is not here but in Gainesville and this gives us something we can have together at a distance… 🙂

    Allan watches but does not seem to be such an avid fan.

  78. Dave eats and sleeps college football. I like SEC but I love the FLORIDA GAMES!!!!!!!! I also like to watch some of the other college games but mostly it is the schools where family has gone.
    Like our gson is at USF in Engineering school.
    Our son and son in law went to SE in Lakeland so forget football from there.

    I watch pro when it fits my time lol and if it is a team I care about. I hate to watch a game where I don’t care who wins!
    My favorites are Miami but they have been such a letdown past few years.
    I have taken up with the Panthers but Dave is so so about them. He follows JAX and Bucs.

    My sleep is all mixed up AGAIN. Just as I get it timed to night and day it reverses. I was awake all night long. So finally I took something AGAIN (took it at 11 last night!) and only slep from 7 till just now. I am still barely able to keep my eyes open. Just having a slow week.

    Kevin and Aimee will leave Thursday after work to drive up and go home late Sunday.

  79. Good afternoon everyone! How are you? Just checking in to see if anyone is on today! God Bless!

  80. Anyone that comes by and reads the latest prayer requests? Sarah is a VERY VERY DEAR
    FRIEND OF MINE! She is 24ish now. She was only 14 when she joined our prayer group for YOUTH ONLY and rose up quickly to oversee it and edit it daily!! She was home schooled and had the time…….said it was an education itself to learn now to edit and so forth.

    I finally made her MY VERY OWN ASSISTANT FOR SEVERAL YEARS! She was sold out to Jesus, VERY MATURE for her age and a delight to know.
    I had not heard from her for awhile so it was a shock to read of the mess Dayton, OH is in.


  81. Hello everybody! I am only sorta awake but stopping to say hello before I get into the tasks of the day.

    Remember to pray for the people left in bad weather places. How much that must be needed to help and to cheer each other 0ther.



    Let all of us USA’ers agree to be part of it

    I do!


  83. Standing in agreement for our country. Looks like we have a mess on our hands — BUT GOD…..IS IN CONTROL..

  84. Hi Guys,

    Just a note to tell you what Allan and I know about the current economic situation. One thing which was brought to our attention today by Allan’s daughter who lives in South Florida and has in-laws in Ga., SC and in that area: There is a gas shortage in these areas and in south Fla, Palm Beach area. The in-laws were on phone even calling around to find gas in their area. A class mate and his wife, Rodney James and Mollie, were in the Atlanta area and there is a definite shortage there. Allan’s daughter, Debi, who lives in Palm Beach County, Fla. had to go to 3 stations this afternoon to get gas. Everything is not being aired on TV or on radio. ….

    Bali, is there a gas shortage in your are? or any of you? …Love Annette

  85. sorry – meant to say is there a gas shortage in your area?

  86. We did not realize there was one as we are not out a lot a lot since the cost rose so much. However, our Son Kevin, his wife and 2 of the kids came in today and called us that they were stuck in downtown G’ville hunting gas.!!!!!!

    So they were looking and did find some at a Sphinx station only. The regular brands did have any like BP and Chevron, etc. So my answer would be yes, if they could not find a station open to the door had signs saying no gas.

    We are in a tense time in this country but we were warned about these things in the world before the end would come.

    Laying up treasures in heaven!

  87. Thanks for answering about gas. Wondered if I had just heard of “isolated” incidences..

    Good news!! My daughter agreed – was even anxious to go to church this AM. – am so thankful that I did not even have to reason with her to go. I really believe the Lord is coming soon and The Bible tells us not to forsake the gathering together of ourselves, especially as we see the day of the Lord coming approaching.” We all need a church home.

    I just know it was the Lord’s Spirit moving her to go.. because she has always been stubborn about going. We all went to their church,”Cornerstone Baptist Church”. This church is also just around the corner from their house.

    I really like the church – the congregation consists of young and older people.

    We are planning to go again next Sunday and pray for willingness to go from here on out to return of the Lord…

    Pray all is well with everyone. Love, Annette



  89. Hello everyone! I am watching the History Channel about Angel’s and Demon”s, very interesting for all to watch! God Bless all of you!

  90. Hiya Cindy. I was on CG’s earlier. Looking for you and saying hello to the rest.

    I miss you when I don’t see you come by. You are really special to me.

    I have been really busy over the w/e with son, his wife and 2 of the grandkids up. Loved it though!

    Am putting up a new topic later.

    ANGELS and DEMONS is a great topic to learn about! It is for real!

  91. good morning bali and all, just popping in to let you all know i am getting an electric scooter today. Praise God for it.
    my insurance wouldn’t pay so i have been looking for over 3 months for a used one i could afford to get a loan for. i found a really nice one in a town 35 miles away for 400. she said she will take 300 so a very dear friend is taking me today to get it.
    God smiled on me today.

  92. BTW, how do I get an icon by my name? would like a pretty one and how do i get smilies

  93. Cindy D…I didn’t know you came here! how are ya?

  94. Hey there my dear friend Jo!!!! So glad to see you. That is marvelous about the chair! God does provide doesn’t He!

    Please let us know how you like it! Good to see you online too. I miss hearing from you. I always look here for you and Cindy and Annette, some of our regulars. Little by little we are taking off and God is growing this little corner of the internet.

    I will email you how to get an icon or I could put the directions somewhere for people. I am going to sleep right now but will do that tomorrow.

    tty tomorrow!

  95. Debate time tonight! Let’s all WATCH AND PRAY FOR GOD’S WILL TO BE DONE!

    Vote your choice! Pray for God’s choice!

  96. Missing some of the earlier chatters.
    cindy, Jo, annette and bali too. Just wanted to say hello to all.

  97. nap time for me. Will be back on as soon as I wake up.

    Yall please pray for our doctor. He is such a solid strong Christian and so loving.

  98. Hello Bali, this is a very nice blog, best wishes with it. I will be back. sorry it took me so long to get here.

  99. Hi all…..hope all is well with you.

  100. Thanks Carol! Am glad to see you made it finally 😉

    This has the same smilies available as GW’s had.
    It is the same company: wordpress

    Hi Marilyn! So happy you made it! Come back and yak with us. I need to try to set up a time for us to get together on here.



  101. Hello to all…just stopping by to see the great progress Bali has made and applaud her efforts…very peaceful and serene….Great place to come in times of celebration and pain….THanks for all your hard work. Remember to take care of YOU, too 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday….I am, once again, playing catch up but I would rather be busy than bored!

  102. Many thanks Therese! Coming from you, I especially appreciate your kind words! You taught
    me a lot you know!

  103. Bali, i would very much like to be one of your prayer warriors, how do i get to do it? as you all know i am disabled and am home most of the time so i would be able to assist people who need prayers at that time.
    Bali, i will try to e-mail you a pic of my scooter. lol

  104. All you have to do is to tell me Jo. I will email you. Thank you so very very much. That is like volunteering for the front lines of an army because we as prayer warriors are battling on the front lines on behalf of others for Jesus sake!

  105. Don’t know if you are aware but we became grandparents for the first time on Saturday Oct 4.
    He is a little guy, only 4Lbs 5oz, but is doing well.

  106. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations GRANNIE!
    Or are you a Nana, Nannie, etc.

    I am a Mima x 7…….You life will NEVER be the same and that is good!

  107. Debates are on and we as Christians need to PRAYERFULLY WATCH whether live or rerun.

  108. Congrats Carol on your first grandchild. You will just love being a grandparent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am in the process of taking my daughter and my two grandsons to church on Sundays so that they will get into the habit and continue. I know this sounds very “micromanaging” but it helps if I go along. it seems to encourage the process although I know that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit really do it. I guess I really mean it helps me feel better. Please pray with me on this matter. I love going to church and Sunday School – don’t you guys???

    I really enjoy having this place to come and communicate with everyone. Thanks, Bali, for doing this…. Love you all, Annette

  109. This site somehow got mixed up over the past 24 hours.???

    The Praise Reports is where you will find the Prayer Requests. The original praise reports are ?somewhere.?

    willl work on this over the w/e.

  110. God is good – I have just had a wonderful day with my two grandsons.

    I would love it if these two would be Ministers-I already can tell they are Men of God. They both are so sweet and kind..One grandson is 10 and the other is 4 . Their father is in Iraq at the moment -due a leave in November for 2 weeks then returning to Iraq until next March or April.

    Am watching Gator game and Rays and Red Sox tonite. My husband is watching with me here at home and my son is watching in Gainesville, Fl.

    We are leaving for a weeks vacation to N.C. and Ga. tomorrow and will return home the 20th. We will not be taking the laptop this time so do not know if we will be checking emails while we are gone. If you do not hear from me, that will be the reason. Love you all, Annette

  111. Hi everyone!! I am so sorry that I have not been on the blog for awhile! I have been so busy with my mom falling down and hitting her head and ending up with a big bump the size of a golf ball! And then, having to go to New Jersey for a funeral of my mother’s childhood and best friends husband and having to care care of everything else! Geez, I am so exhausted and I am always asking God for his strength to get through it all! God Bless all of you and I will be back real soon!

  112. Hi I am back! Is anyone on right now? Bali, How are you feeling? To a BIG HELLO to everyone on this blog! I will try back later Ok? Hope to hear from all of you real soon! May God Bless All of You!

  113. I am on Cindy!!!!!! This blog is messed up. grrrrrrr

  114. I was trying to ARCHIVE the Red Alert for my Doctor …..or just remove it alone. It seemed to be working so I went to bed.

    Woke up next morning and my Prayer requests page? empty. The Praise report subpage has all the PR stuff on it!!!!! I am trying to figure out how to resave it on misc or something till I can move it around. And then to get the praise reports back where they belong. When I get on my Dashboard they are ok.??????????

    Meanwhile………get this now:

    30 DAYS!!!!!! BEFORE AOL IS SHUTTING DOWN THEIR HOMEPAGE WEB SITES AND JOURNALS, THEY NOTIFY US TO UPLOAD ALL OR PICTUES, SONGS, BACKGROUNDS, ETC VIA FTP to us somewhere else (no suggestions mind you) and I have tons of geocities so no problem for me but all those people who had to STRETCH their computer brains to make their pages it makes me sick.

    I saved my stuff right on my disc and can go copy and paste it to the new pages which is what I am doing adn why I am ”absent”.

    Cindy, if you can email me, tell me where is everybody? Linda SLT, Noell? etc. et.

  115. Looking for JO???

    Jo email me if you are doing okay!!!


  117. God Bless you…… This is SUCH A KEY TIME to pray and seek the Lord. 21 days now until the day we vote. Curt and I are both fasting in the ways that we can and are led so it is kind of Daniel fasting… It is not about legalism. We care SO DEEPLY FOR what is going to happen in this NATION.
    QUESTION :: Do all of you put on the Eph 6 full armour or God each day before you pray or when you get up ?
    Does anyone think we are spiritually naked while we sleep?
    Does anyone take off the EPH 6 armour at night?

    Does anyone in here pray with your spouse or a prayer partner if you are not married ?

    Hey Bali how many hours a day do you watch Fox? Do you find that you are more deeply involved with the news stories than the prayer needs?

    Maybe I need to PUT ON MY HELMET OF SALVATION more often because I find that my emotions go up when things are going well (for my candidate etc…… and down when there is bad news.

    Does anyone on here keep the Sabbath (like Friday from sundown to Sat at sundown?
    Do you know the feasts ? What makes them meaningful to you?

    Well I am going back to reading thru some prophetic stuff and climbing on Abba’s lap and see what HE wants me to know about the info.

    Love and Prayers!


  118. I just caught you post Kathryn. Welcome here and glad to see you on your toes as always.

    Lately, I have been turning the tv OFF when I get on here especially. Or mute it. When I am
    on here I am praying for others and trying to
    keep this site up. Having to redo the ministry
    outreach sites too because AOL (grrrrrrrrr) is taking down ALL of their web sites………gave us 30 days notice. Takes a lot of work to do those again when I have to do this blog as well. Not complaining……just explaining for this is my heartbeat………to bring others together in concerted prayer for one another and our leaders. That is obedience and what He requires.

    I am at this time PUSHING and PRESSING in because this election is so important. The blindness of so many is unbelievable but I remember than God told us these things would happen. It is only news to us….not to Him.

    Take care and love you!

  119. hi Bali, well i got my scooter and i love it. i went to walgreens and to the ice cream store for a cone. must not do that too often. lol
    i was in hospital with breathing problems 2 weeks ago for a couple days and somehow wendy found me. they hadn’t seen me on the blog and said i was either in jail or the hospital. lol
    maybe they thought i was speeding around town but i can only go 5 miles an hour and only on sidewalks so i am safe there.
    praise Jesus name.

    HAHA!! Good for Wendy! Tell her I said hi!

  120. Good job Bali. I know God will use you and this ministry.

  121. looks like the Lord is blessing you Bali with more people. That is always a good thing. The next thing I guess will be the debates tonight and then we really will have to run up the fires on the praying. This voting will soon be behind us.

  122. Praise God for the meaningful ways He is speaking to us from words in the news that come right out of the prophetic words of the Holy Scripture.



  123. Just dropping in to say hello, as you requested Arlene! Once again, I am so impressed with the wonderful people of Gd who visit here, and the powerful, Spirit led prayers they pray ! In agreement that we need to pray hard for our country now in this pivotal time, and that our god is in control, PTL! God bless you all brothers and sisters!

  124. Good Morning Bali and all. Hope you all have a really great day.

  125. Looks as though there are 2 carol’s on here. “hello” to the other Carol.

  126. Hi Everyone, I am having big problems with my computer and I have been trying to stay off of it until my brother-in-law can take a look at it, if he cannot do anything with it I will have to send it out to a computer doctor! UGH! Hope you all are doing well! God Bless!

  127. Hey Cindy! Sorry to hear about you puter! Man I hope it is okay. Probably just some adjustment.
    Wish I could help!

    Thanks for dropping by sweetie! 🙂

  128. bali i think you are doing a great job with the devotionals on this blog. The prayer part is great too but I do like having the devotionals.

  129. No one will beleive that I”m been trying to find this place to leave my prayer request for the last hour or so.This is a great place to come and find peace, and to the lady that I chatted with early thismorning,you are so beautiful,outside as well as inside.If that is your picture I see, you are a lovely lady.I don’t know where to leave my prayer request,but I will leave it here. It’s an emergency to me. The enemy is trying to steal my peace of mind again about my marriage. My husband snores and that keeps us apart in separate bedrooms, and when he decides to try and and sleep with me, I’m resentful,because it never works, and then I”m up the rest of the time, like now, and he’s back in the other bedroom sleep. I’m secretly not very happy. We are in Ministry together and he is great man. I love him, but I”m not in love with him anymore. Helpless in Indiana and I tried to get back on the chat where we were,but I have erased your chat name for instant messaging. Will yo help me get back in touch with you please?

  130. Hi Guys,

    Its me, Annette,

    A response to you for letting you know I am checking in….We have been out of town for a week. We will return home on the 20th. Will be on FULL watch after that..will try to check in via email until that time. Love, Annette

  131. In response to your request for suggestions to make blog any easier: The only thing I would suggest, if it is possible on “WordPress” is that the most recent blog be put on the top of the blog instead on the bottom.

    Let me know what you think. Love you.

  132. Howdy Annette!

    Hope your trip is rewarding in that you are refreshed! Wonder how far you are from us.
    We should have figured out a way for you to drop by! The leaves are turning here……..I imagine further on up they are really pretty!. We have tons of RED around (Sourwood, basswood, and
    Black tupulos all produce RED bright leaves here in our yard which is a forest!) We still have thick foliage and know a little more chill in the air and they will really pop out.

    ~~~~~~~~~~To answer the suggestion?
    OH BOY……….I AM IN TOTAL AGREEMENT. Have been working on that. Supposedly there is a pagination feature but haven’t figured it out yet.
    I need Allan! Hahaha! I will try to figure it out.
    On the more premium commercial ones I know they can do it when the # of posts reaches a certain # but not sure how to do it. Will check it out.

  133. Hi Guys,

    Am home now. Have checked prayer requests and don’t see any new ones…We had a wonderful trip!! Leaves were beautiful and weather was cool at night…mile during the days.

    I will ask Allan about pagination feature for you .. I am very tired and very grateful to the Lord for my time away and safe travel.

    Love you all,


  134. looking for other chatters. Just dropped by to say hello and share that I do pray for these needs.

  135. I am dropping by checking too. This must be a good time to see other people on here.

    Praying for the request.

  136. Good Morning Bali and all. Just stopping by to say say “hello” and hope everyone has a great day. Bit chilly here on the East Coast today. A little too early for this kind of weather.

  137. good night all……guess everyone has nodded off to sleep.

    Have a good night.

  138. Good morning on this TGIF day!

    W/E’s seem to be coming fast lately. Seems like I was just at church but
    guess time is just

    The weatherman scheduled rain for us this w/e and am holding him to it! We are in the worst Drought. No rain all summer.

  139. Hi Guys,

    Wanted to say hello and hope all is well with everyone and that you all have a wonderful day!!

    Love you,

  140. Hiya everybody…….I am awake at this dumb hour of the night/morning…..crazy sleeping pattern has set in again.

    Just saying hello and remember to leave a note here when you visit………we are also praying for all of the prayer needs.

  141. anybody around this afternoon? Nap time for me but wanted to check in here. I love this place and believe I will be coming here more.

    If anyone comes by today, say hello so I can get to know you.

    I am a long time believer, full gospel, pentecostal.
    Jesus Christ is My Lord and My King!

  142. Thought I would stop by again to see if anyone is here at this hour.

    Has anyone seen Bali? haven’t talked to her alll day and I can always get her when I need her usually.

  143. Think there are 2 of us?

  144. We are on erratic schedules in here but that is okay because we know what the others are doing. That helps
    us to pray for one another more effectively.

  145. Thanks to all of you who are leaving comments! I know it pleases the Lord that we are showing “TOGETHERNESS” AS WE PRAY!

  146. Thanks, Bali, for your Prayer Request. Am praying for God’s Will to be honored.

  147. Welcome to November 2008! We watched football today …….FLORIDA GATORS of course
    ……..GO GATORS! We won PTL!
    Love that Tebow.

    Aside from that things are pretty much normal.
    Hubby fell on stairs this week and hurt his right leg but he is much better today. Finally able to get out for the first time this week.

  148. Hi Guys,

    Just checking in to say hello…Not much happening here. Love,

  149. Hello all!

    We spent the afternoon driving over the state line to see the last of the COLORS OF FALL. We are nearly on the border of NC/SC and live in SC.
    Our yard is at peak and still full of foliage so we probably have the best color right in our own little forest. But, it is still pretty to go on I-40 in NC to see the unblocked views of the mountains in all color.

    Tomorrow is the big day! I feel better after making some calls as a volunteer for McCain/Palin
    this week. I have found so many in FL and esp. CO that have early voted for him. We must pray
    for God’s will. It is not about Politics!!!!!!!!!!! It is about God’s word that speaks of life over murder and he made a man and a woman to be partners.
    I stand firm on the fact that I can love the sinner but HATE THE SIN! I do take the stand AGAINST ABORTION AT ANY TIME~!

  150. We hit our polling place around 2 and it was good. We walked in and voted period. But they told us earlier there were lines, long ones and we live in a rural area so that surprised me.

    Am so praying for this election and the results are so anticipated. Whatever the result we know we HAVE prayed through and God will be with His children.

  151. Now that the President has been selected, let’s focus our prayers on the Cabinet and other choices that must be made AND approved by Congress.

    Hi everybody. Been a stressful year with these elections. AT LEAST WE DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO THEM BASH EACH OTHER AS MUCH NOR THE CONSTANT CAMPAIGN ADS.

  152. I’m with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. very interesting view on election at . Kim came on again last night and helped explain some things about this election and how God has some BIG plans even for this president and the Lord had given a word thru Kim that ‘We would be tricked ” and “Many would be very upset” and that God was going to do a huge work on this new president to change him into a new man (like Saul/Paul) Wow! There are over 30 words that Kim has given so there is much to go over in light of this shock (to me at least)

    We know God is a BIG GOD and He does seem to use “rascals” and TRANSFORM people by His Holy Spirit …. I do not think our prayers are done yet..

  154. Kathryn, that is along with the message Kim had before that when the next president came into office that he would not be thought of as a “godly man” but that he would have an experience while in the white house and become a man of God?
    I think you shared that with me. Well I am sure waiting for that!!!!

  155. Hi all!
    God has spoken, let us take Him at His word. We will trust in the Lord and do good. no more of what has gone on for two years. Let us pray for who God has put in the White House. Because He Did.Now let us be about our Father’s work. Let us study war no more. but pray and pray for a world of peace in the name of Jesus.

  156. Just thought I would share that MY SPACE site is updated with pics from today.

  157. I was called by Allen Davis Sunday evening. He was happy to have found me. I now have the 1959 LHS website.

    I am not sure how many people remember me but as I look at the site, I remember so many people.

    Please pray for me. I am OK but alone and find life most difficult.

    I hope to come to the 2009 reunion.


    Welcome to the website Yvonne. I remember you from school…..
    I have prayed for you and hope you will come here often. You can click the Chat tab above and leave a message for others as well.

  158. I thank you for your prayers. I looked for a Chat tab to talk with others but did not find it.

    Thank you for acknowledging me.


  159. Hi all. I am so glad to have this site to interact with others. What a good place to be! Praise God
    for all He is doing behind the scenes.

    Although many of us are discouraged with the results of the elections there is always hope in Jesus because He said all things work together for good to those that are called according to Him.
    That is Romans 8:28 as you know.

    I am going to be praying more I am sure but we need to do that anyway.

    Hello to anyone online.

  160. I am taking a moment to say hello to all. I am a Comfort keeper in Lakeland and will be leaving shortly to visit a client who is 95. She is suffering from dementia so please keep us in your hearts and prayer list. She is such a lovely lady and very mobile.

    You may see us around town..she loves to eat out.

    I wish you all a Jesu filled day.

  161. Hi Yvonne,

    It’s Annette from school. I am married to Allan Davis now and I remember that he said he had talked to you.

    We live in Lakeland also. We eat out a lot so I will begin looking for you. I think you were at one of the meetings a year or two ago at Charlyne’s and Jerry’s weren’t you?

    I am sending you an email to inform you of a get together we are having Dec. 13th at Mary’s house.

    Also to you, Bali, if you all are going to be down during that time, please let me know and we will try to get with you and Dave.

    I am still rehabbing from my back surgery. I believe I am coming along as I am supposed to.

    God bless you all – am leaving this site now to go to prayer requests sites…

  162. Hello to everybody. Just dropped by to leave a prayer request for a friend.

    Had a good day at church today.

  163. Hello to everybody. Just dropped by to leave a prayer request for a friend.

    Had a good day at church today.

  164. hi all. Just dropped by to say hello and leave a prayer request.

    Have a great Sunday afternoon.

  165. Hi Guys,

    Just a note to say hello and am so thankful for this communication and prayer site. Love you all

  166. good to see people stopping by. Maybe we will meet up with each one eventually. 😀

  167. 😯

  168. It’s not quite midnight here but guess you east coast people are sleeping sounding I hope.

    Please all take care and have a Jesus filled day as you arise and go forth tomorow to follow Jesus.


  169. boy, looks like some of us are up and on here at relatively the same time. Sure would be cool for that to take place earlier so bali is here.

    trying out some of the smilies:


  170. I can’t sleep!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t you just hate it to be 3 am and know you have to get up in 3 hours!!!

    Just wondered if anyone else was awake. I love to come here cause it is so quiet.

    Wondering what news Obama will be making this week?

  171. Hey Sheri. Yes I am up as well. Guess it is Monday Morning dreads……….ya think? lol


    Don’t know if that smilie will work.

  172. Good Morning all,

    Just up for a moment and wanted to join in. The weather is finally cool and I love it!!!Ireally am a cooler weather person and I believe when it is time the Lord will move us to cooler climate like the mountains. I would love to live near Ashville, NC. I have promised to take my grandsons and granddaugter to Asheville one day so I plan to do that.

    Will close for now. Have a Jesus filled day !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all :):)

  173. hello Annette dear friend!~

    I have been Christmas shopping online. What a blessing my daughter has been for me today. She gave me a couple suggestions for all our teen grandkids (some links online) and I hit the sales.
    I have the 4 girls taken care of. Also a birthday.
    So I feel I have made a dent in Christimas. Having 7 grandkids is work haha.

    But God was gracious in supply unsuspected funds for a couple of months to me that enabled a hectic gift shopping time to be a bit enjoyable instead. I am a sale shopper and I can find bargains and great items for them. My Karen taught me how to shop lol.

    It will be in the 30’s or lower tonight here. Not too far away is snow but we won’t get any. We live for our 1-3 snows a year. We get more ice than snow. Since we are home it is okay but for working folks it is rough.

    I am 64 miles (mountain driving miles) from Asheville. Have to visit one day. Should have done that on your last trip. You were 2 hours from me you know. lol.

  174. Hey Balai,

    What are these websites for grandkids?? If you don’t mind sharing. … thanks – I have four grandchildren ranging from 16 to 5 years old… Love you guys

  175. Hi Bali, I have missed you to! Mom and I are moving ino a bigger apt on Dec.13th and we have been busy packing and getting rid of junk that we do not use! I can’t wait to move. It will be alot easier on both mom and me! Hope all of you are doing well! Mom is getting better! I just want t tell all of you HAPPY THANKGIVING to you all and your families! May God Bless what we have and God Bless the food we have to eat! Love to all!

  176. Bali, I have missed you to! Mom and I are moving ino a bigger apt on Dec.13th and we have been busy packing and getting rid of junk that we do not use! I can’t wait to move. It will be alot easier on both mom and me! Hope all of you are doing well! Mom is getting better! I just want t tell all of you HAPPY THANKGIVING to you all and your families! May God Bless what we have and God Bless the food we have to eat! Love to all!

  177. Sorry for the double post! Is anyone on here now? If not, I hope all of you takecare and God Bless

  178. Hi Cindy!

    Missed you by about 20 minutes. Thanks for visiting.

    The move sounds really good for you and your mom. I will pray that it goes well. Good to have you back. Misssed you!

  179. Just saying I am online if anyone is here.

  180. Hi Guys,

    Just a line to say hi and have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!Love

  181. Good Morning Annette,
    I am sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I guess we all get too busy at times. I wasn’t at Charlyne’s and Jerry’s so I haven’t seen anyone. I lived in MA for many years. I moved back to Lakeland in 1983. Retired from Ametek in Bartow and have been doing a bit of Caregiving. I dearly love people and especially those who are in need. It is a good feeling to help.

    I am with you on living in Ashville. It is beautiful. I have friends there. I suppose I will die in FL as my sisters and brothers are all here with many neices and nephews. I never married and have no children. What a mistake!!! It gets lonely at times but I stay as busy as I can.

    I am so sorry about your having to have back surgery. I do hope you are doing good.


  182. Hi Everyone,

    Is anyone here? It is 3:06AM and I am usually not up at this time lately. I take a medicine to help me sleep since back surgery to help me rest and get well.

    Hi Yvonne, thanks for answering. I guess that was not you I saw at Charlyne’s and Jerry’s house then.

    I love people too and yes, it is a good feeling to help. I love it. I am an LPN and absolutely love it. I hope when I complete my rehabbing for my back, I can go back to work. To a lesser degree, however. I don’t think Allan wants me to so we will see.

    Balai, thank you for the Word you sent to me last week. It is very encouraging to know that I am not forgotten in some matters. Although God’s Word says He never leaves us not forsake us, sometimes life, as you all know, can get very tedious…

    I want to share something with all of you and even though you probably all know it, it is good to hear it from the “horse’s mouth”.

    Allan and I went to a birthday dinner tonite with a group of people. Among these people was a teacher who works with ESE children(special needs children). She was talking about the problems with the children that we all either have or hear about. I asked what factor does she see in the children who turn out “good and fine” that is not found in the ones who have such a hard time of it.. She thought for a moment and said that the children who are overcomers no matter what is going on at home or otherwise and even if they come from an abusive home themselves, is a SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION…CHURCHGOERS, ETC…SOME OF THE CHILDREN EVEN GO TO CHURCH ALONE OR WITH RELATIVES AND FRIENDS. BUT THESE ARE THE ONES WHO MAKE IT NO MATTER WHAT ELSE MIGHT BE GOING ON IN THEIR LIVES…

    PRAISE THE LORD!! Because it has come to me lately that one of my special reasons for being here it to be sure my grandchildren are rooted in Jesus and in the Word and in a church home.

    I went to church with my own children but not as steadily as I plan to go with my grandchildren. I regret not be steady with my own kids.

  183. Good Morning All,
    It is Monday and it is going to be a pretty day. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I wish I could be responsible for no one knowing hunger. I feel gulity eating such wonderful food knowing others are hungry. I would love to feed the world including all hungry animals.

    I am so upset about the lady who became so overwhelmed with too many animals. How can that happen in our own town? When will breeding laws be inacted? Thanks for listening. I do care so much for the defenseless.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  184. Hi Yvonne and Everyone,

    Happy Thanksgiving in case I get busy and forget to check here. I don’t anticipate that but you never know.

    Love you all,

  185. There is a prayer request on Emergency page. Thank you for your prayers for my neice…. Love

  186. Hey dear ones! I am sorry I have not been posting but I have been reading severval times
    a day.

    I have been sick for 2 days and still am not up to par. I have a post gallbladder removal syndrome thing that causes me to have a lo of problems. I keep Immodium handy!!!!!!! Am going to try a new thing called Questran. It is a powder you mix and drink. Not too good I hear.

    I cannot eat even a tiny bit of fat or the liver shoots bile out and there I am down again.
    thougt I had gotten on a diet and program that
    worked but it is all happening again.

    Don’t like to say too much on here but please pray for the answer to settle me down. At last i have lost 10 lb

  187. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  188. Good Morning Will Pray4u,
    I sure feel sorry for you. I know this is hard on you. Please know that it is temporary. I know it is difficult for you. Keep the faith and before long you will feel like new. God is awesome.

    Happy (Fatfree) Thanksgiving.


  189. Thank you so much Yvonne and you can call me Arlene. Do you remember me from high school?

    I do you and wish we had known each other through these years.

    Email me at and catch me up. I will write you back.

  190. Just a note to say God answered prayers and I was able to go for Thanksgiving Dinner with my husband. I am feeling so much better.

    Hope all had a wonderful day.

  191. Good Morning all,
    So happy to be alive after indulging a bit too much yesterday :).

    Bali, I am glad you were able to go for Dinner yesterday. God is awesome.

    Have a good day everyone,

  192. A quick hello………with 2 keys having fallen off today, from my laptop, this typing is a bit crazy.
    Will call Dell………again lol. Glad for warranty!

    We are huge Gator fans and EXTREMELY……..enjoyed the state champ win again this year, played today. Next week is
    the playoff with ALA so I will once again be
    glued to the tv. Nothing like SEC football for
    entertainment and diversion!

    Enjoying some seasonal musicals on various local channels and specialty ones. Right now watching Natalie Grant’s special on Gospel TV.

    Have a great Sunday!

  193. Good Morning all,
    I just stopped by to say hello to everyone.

    I am enjoying the morning. It is going to storm today here in Lakeland. We really need the rain. I love rain and we need it here.

    I should be in church but the Devil won today. I despise him.

    I will be back later but it is coffee time. I need that Java.

    Have a Jesuf filled day.

    Annette, I drive by your home all the time. My client loves Lake Hollingsworth so we take a couple of swings around each day we are together. You have such a wonderful view.

    Arlene, I know this is your day and I visiulize you worhshiping Jesus today. I love the Pentecostal church. What wonderful memories of going to the Church of God in Quincy, FL.

    Have a great day all,

  194. We are having pretty cold weather for this time of year but I LOVE IT……ONE REASON I WANT TO LEAVE FLORIDA FOR THE MOUNTAINS.

    Tonight we are having flurries and I sure wish we would have real snow to stick. That is my little girl wish every winter here. We are about a stone’s throw from the NC line but we don’t see much snow. The bigger mountain range to the north of us catches it usually and blocks us. But tonight it is cool ….pardon the pun…..I have a flood light on one corner of the house so I can peek out now and then to see it.

    Thank you Annette and Yvonne for being Prayer Warriors on here! God sees that in you and your reward will come from Him! 😀

  195. btw we have a few smilies to use on here. Click on smilies link on the right under BLOGROLL
    and find what all you can do on here. Feel free to play around on here with them.



  196. :0 Testing my Smily

  197. I see that it didn’t come through. I will go back and see what I missed.

    I hope everyone is doing good today. I am off work today and God has blessed us with cool temps and a beautiful sunshine. He is awesome and so good to me.

    I praise Him today.

    May God be with all of you today.


  198. Hi All,

    Sorry I haven’t dropped by lately. No excuse, but just busy and very tired at night. I have many blessings all the time. God is so good to me and my family to deliver us from all problems…

    Thank you ,Yvonne, for your compliment on our home. We really love it. We bought it when we got married and have been here ever since. It has more than met our needs. Allan didn’t want a yard and would be happy in a cave and I am just the opposite. I love big spaces and lots of light so the back part of our condo is Allan’s office,bathroom and TV room with low ceiling and the front part is large with vaulted ceilings in living room and bedroom and bath with lots of light. God did a miracle to get us into here and it has been perfect for us. And my husband is the closest to the image of Jesus that I have met. He refuses and fusses about religion but does not interfere with my beliefs and christian activities.. God is going to get him one day I know. He is a very good person…and has much integrity…

    I spent yesterday with my youngest grandchild, will be 5 years old the 12th of this month. My 10 year grandson,his brother, will be 11 tomorrow (3rd). I had a great day with Sean(4 yr. old) . He is wise beyond his years and painfully honest. I have some really good conversations with him. These boys are my daughter’s.

    I’m so glad we are having some cool weather. I love cool weather ( sweater weather). The weather forecast looks like we are going to have cool weather for the next 7 days anyway.

    I have started some of my Christmas shopping. We have birthdays and Christmas so it gets a little hectic but I have realized that I operate best with pressure.

    My son, Tim, called me today with a prayer request. A friend of our’s, a precious 83 yr. old lady, is having surgery next week on her back.
    I will put the request on the request area.

    God bless you all and have a wonderful week.

    Love and blessings to you all. 🙂

  199. Good to see you Annette and Yvonne. Hoping to get the others back to comment and chat.

    People are really busy. I was/am hoping this alternative to the old regular emails would be
    a welcome change?

  200. Good morning!!!! Arlene, sorry to hear you have been sick. Well I am knee deep in soggy carpets, collapsing ceilings, and warping floors. The entire basement is going to have to be ripped out and re-done. The upstairs looks like a war zone. However, good news – the temporary office is real nice. We moved in yesterday. Still don’t have phones but they should be installed by the end of the week. Thank you for helping out with the badges. I feel bad asking now that I know you have been sick. Take care and let me know how you are feeling.
    Love ya,

  201. Bali reminded me to check in here and drop a line to you guys.

    So here I am if anyone else is around. We need to keep this up and active!!! Too many devil chats and blogs around so lets build a fire 4 Jesus here!

  202. H- its Annette,

    Nice to hear from you guys. Yes, Arlene, I agree that this is a welcome change from e-mail. I was shopping most of the afternoon at Target. Got a great bargain on pjs for my grandsons. Sean (4) is hung up on Power Rangers and Spiderman and Jesse 11 years old today is becoming a “young man” so he is into plaids.

    Allan and I went over to their house tonight to have small party of 5 to celebrate their birthdays. Sean’s BD is the 12th.

    We got them sleeping bags and pjs so they couldn’t wait to change into their new pjs and put their bags on the LR floor. Really cute. We took pictures of course.

    Had a very small cake as my daughter is having a larger party for them in two weeks.

    Hope all of you are doing well. Love you guys

  203. Hi Everyone,
    Just taking a break from Saturday chores. I spent a portion of today grocery shopping and doing errands. It is a beautiful day here in Lakeland, FL. The skies were magnificent this morning . Only God could make a million marshmellows stay together. The weather is perfect today and I feel so blessed.

    I pray for everyone to have a Jesus filled day today.

    God is so good.

  204. Hello all!

    I am busy, busy, busy. I am behind so am trying to get my tree up (a week late) and catch up on this and some other online things I do.

    My space is on under my personal name but I am working on one for the ministry’s name.

    Takes a lot to keep up with my space and facebook as well. My family out of state are members of all of that so I keep up with them better than way *(especially the teen grandkids) than any other.

    Feel free to chat here though or email me.
    I am always available for prayer should you need me right away.

    My AIM NAME IS WillPray4U

    Love all of you!

  205. good morning friends. I know this is a busy time but hoping to see some of you back here to update us on your lives.

    I am praying for the emergency requests too.

  206. There is an emergency request for prayer on “Emergency” . Love you all

  207. Yvonne, are you coming to the “local class party ” Saturday evening? Would love to see you.

  208. Hi Annette,
    I probably will not be able to come to the party. I would love to see you also. Where is it again? I received email and then deleted it. Let me know.


  209. Hey!
    Read my update on the prayer request.
    Crashed laptop and the desktop is almost there.
    It won’t connect via modem to DSL. DSL pings by the provider (ISP) so it is the computer. Think the automatic update that isn’t taking did this.

    H E L P……..forgive me for not being on here but was sick then this. I am so stressed.



    SHE is HOME WITH JESUS NOW!!!!!!!!

    Pray for her small family left. She was single but her friends will all miss her so much.

  211. Hi yall,

    Dell Consumer Relations called today due to my complaint about the last “support” (not!). The lady did a trouble shoot via remote assistence and found the last guy indeed messed things up worse. They are sending me a new DVD recorder/player, a new wireless card and a new battery (mine is running hot). I am so happy. She will call me Tuesday to guide me in the installations. I can do that pretty well.

    My desktop still is not connecting to our DSL but it is the computer and I will call on that tomorrow.
    Today I spent time on the phone with her and bathed Keiko, the newest dog, and believe me…….THAT was enough work for a day. Keiko must weigh 50 maybe 60 lbs!!! Didn’t think she would be any larger than a full blooded chow but she is a mix so who knows. She is longer legged and looks a bit like a German Shep./Chow mix.
    She has the temperament of a Golden Retriever which is perfect. She is my baby. But Dave had to lift her in the tub. I could not budge her and she refused to cooperate altho she was fine once wet. We take the Chow Gyver to the groomer because he gets a Lion Cut in spring and a trim and so forth in fall. He looks so good right now.
    So they are both clean. We were late in getting Gyver in this year.

    I can at least get online on this laptop for now so I will be keeping up with this site and need to get my Christmas devotion done. I have to be in the anointing to write. At least I want to be. I love writing when the Holy Spirit is doing the writing.

    TTYL…….hopefully soon.

  212. Merry Christmas!

    I see we are all busily getting ready for the holidays………I call them HOLY DAYS!

    If you stop by say hello! And remember you have TO REFRESH THE PAGE TO SEE IF SOMEONE ANSWERS YOU. I JUST REALIZED THAT!

  213. Hi Guys,

    Checking in to say hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas Season. I love Christmas!!
    Some of the girls in our class had a luncheon for one of our Jr. High Coaches ( female). We had such a nice time and the Coach was so pleased. She was our favorite teacher and we were her favorite class (59) .

    I don’t want her to name her on the internet but Balai, she is very short and has blonde short hair. You should know from the description who she is.
    If you are still curious, email me ok?

    Love you all and hope your season is peaceful. I posted a Emergency Prayer Request for my son and granddaughter last night or it might have been early this AM around 3AM.

    We really need lots of prayer for this situation and please include my grandsons too. Thank you so much….

  214. Hi gang!

    Just another great time of the year to be on fire4Jesus!

    Seems like our country sure doesn’t like that.
    But let’s pray right now about the inaugeration
    participlation of Rev. Rick Warren! This is a dynamic individual hand chosen by God to rock
    this country. He already has made a real impact with his book A Purpose Driven Life……btw if you have not read it…..YOU MIGHT MISS OUT ON THE GREATEST JOY OF YOUR LIFE.


  215. hey. Just dropped by after leaving a prayer req.

    So much going on right now. I am extremely concerned about the families going into more debt to get through Christmas. Jesus would not want us to do this to celebrate HIS special time of remembrance. Hopefully His children will remember that.

    Anybody else around?

  216. btw, I just found out we can susbscribe to this blog if you have a hard time remember to check it. Until I get a routine established, I thought it would help me.

    Click on the Blog Info link at the top right hand of this page and the drop down list will have a choice of susbscription.

    Just my little big piece of information for the day


  217. oh another tidbit. Someone told me to save a link to this on the front, your desktop, and when you click on it will land right here.

  218. dropped by to say hi to all coming on!

    Not too much time left for shopping. I have a few things to pick up tomorrow then am done.

  219. Hi Everyone,

    Just a line to say MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! Am off to my daughter’s house with hubby to watch little ones with toys and activities :):):)

    Love you all – have a Jesus filled day………..

  220. Merry Christmas to Arlene and Dave and family and may you have a healthy and peaceful season. Merry Christmas to everyone too.
    Wishing you the simple joy that is Christmas! 🙂
    God Bless us Everyone!


  221. I will be archiving 2008 chats but they will be available under the Chat Page in the right menu.

    Starting afresh for 2009.

    See everything afresh and new 😉

  222. Bali, God bless you for your ability and patience and ENERGY to do all this stuff !!!!!!!!!

    Pray everyone is well….

    Love you,

  223. Hi everyone,
    It is now moving toward the middle of January and no one is coming to visit this wonderful site. I have been busy as everyone esle but let’s all continue to care and pray for each other.

    Have a Jesus filled day,

  224. Yvonne,

    Check the tabs at the top of the home page.

    This one is archived and there is a new 2009
    page for chatting 😉

  225. Hi. Only wanted to ask a quick issue. Now i am egkkfdcdkdff

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