Posted by: willpray4u | October 4, 2010

Seed Time and Harvest

Father God spoke all through His Word about seed time and harvest.  Known to those familiar with the Word is especially the MIGHTY PROMISE  of the words in  Genesis:                             

    Genesis 8:22     

            “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

Further in the Word are more promises and teaching about this subject.  At this time of year it becomes more highlighted in life around us to help us recall God’s Words about the Seed. 

As seed is planted in the earth, it has written within it, it’s on instructions we know today as DNA.  That is how a tomatoe seeds knows it is not to produce an elm tree or a zinnia seed knows to make the flower and not to produce greens for the dinner table. 

We also as Christian are called upon to plant seed into the kingdom of God and it is OUR  FAITH that writes the DNA of harvest that seed will produce.

FAITH is the only thing that really pleases God.  In all we do with Jesus, FAITH is the key to everything.  It is by FAITH we are saved and by FAITH we walk and live.

Let’s remember these facts at this time of the year and as we SPEAK our request for prayer….knowing our faith will produce the harvest in the form of the answer to it.  Knowing in the Name of Jesus we will have what we BELIEVE.

  Please post your prayer request after you click on Comments below………in the comment box:


  1. Pray for our country. I know this is not a regular personal request but it is the most needed right now to me.

    we have to turn back the tide. If God is with us who can be against us. PRAY for voters to show up and place their votes. It may be rainy in some places or other bad weather but go out and vote.

  2. Sorry I have not been around. I do have needs and most of all is to not allow things going on around me drain me of my time with God. I can feel the difference when I am caught up with life and not with Him.
    Please pray I will seek that most of all in my life.

  3. Pray for my marriage that there will be peace in our home and not so much tension. My husband
    is a Christian but the last few years he has been
    stagnant. As a result, he allows the daily things in life cause him to worry and be tense and anxious
    over money mostly. He so needs to learn the lesson about giving to God that will cause it to come back to meet our needs. It is just a real huge thing in our marriage/lives right now that we are on the same page where faith and giving are concerned.

  4. Please, pray:
    That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me!
    That any barriers between us will be removed permanently and that we may have a lifetime of happpiness and love together!
    Thank you for all your prayers
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter!
    May God bless you always!
    Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia

  5. Pray for a friend’s family as he has passed away yesterday and they are traveling here. It’s not known what their beliefs are. He walked with God!

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