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Promises of God are ours!


As we enter into March and await somewhat patiently on the signs of Spring, we doubt that it will truly come BECAUSE OF THE PROMISES OF GOD.  He said as long as the earth remains that Springtime and Harvest shall remain as well. Since we see the return of the 4 seasons each year, we, in the same way, trust in Him to fulfill each and every other promise He has made.

Let’s pray together for each other and be faithful to return here to see the needs of others who need our prayer and encouragement.

Don’t forget to leave messages on the Message/Chat page for me and others as well.

TO CATCH YOUR EYE:  please read.  In order to leave a request or a praise report or an update on a prayer request you simply click “COMMENTS” right here on the bottom right hand corner. 🙂 

 I have been slack to keep up the site the past few months with the blahs of winter and the constant tiredness I have had.  God is getting me in gear though and Praise Him, He is never late.  Do email me if you still can’t figure out how to work with this site.  It is easy really.  And the message-chat tab above is a place to chat like on the blogs of Facebook or My Space.  I truly care deeply about this small way of helping people so let me help you as well.




  1. My granddaughter who is 25, is back in Uganda now for a couple of weeks. She was there with a mission group in July and her heartbeat became Uganda since. The little children are in such need. There is a mission called Every Child Ministry which is working in several countries but Uganda is found here:
    Please visit that site for me.
    Brooke was saved at only 5 years of age and never departed from that walk! At age 7 she heard something about the people in Africa and felt God tell her she was to go there. Throughout her school years she has kept that dream in her heart. She has been on other mission trips with church groups, etc. but not until last summer when her feet hit the ground in Uganda did she feel she had found the answer. THAT IS WHY SHE IS BACK NOW…..SHE WENT ALONE THIS TIME TO WORK WITH THE TEAM THERE SO SHE WOULD HAVE A BETTER LOOK AT WHAT IT WOULD REQUIRE AND WHAT GOD WAS TRULY SAYING TO HER.
    Please pray that she will CLEARYLY hear the voice of God in ALL THINGS and ALL DECISIONS regarding her trip to Uganda and her future.

    Thank you so much.

    Also pray for the sale of our house here in the mountains so we can return to Lakeland, FL , our hometown due to hubby’s health.

  2. Agreeing in prayer with you for your granddaughter and for your house to sell ~

  3. Brooke, our granddaughter has been in Gulu, Uganda since the last of Feb. She has returned to the states today. Rec’d word she was in Miami awaiting her plane out to Tampa which is closest airport to home. She will be happy to sleep in her bed tonight I am sure.
    Thanks for prayers for her. Much was accomplished while she was there.

  4. I have to have an IRON INFUSION today which takes about 5 hours. I so dread this. I had
    thought it was yesterday but they just did more tests to find out why I am constantly iron deficient
    and anemic.
    I do need prayer as I have no appetite. Thanks for covering me in prayer today.

  5. Please pray for my mom. She’s in the hospital with congestive heart failure and a very high potassium level. Mom has other numerous health ailments as well. Thanks!


    will pray. Thank you for the privilege.

  6. Please pray for Ridge. He’s eleven years old and is very sick. He has had vomiting and diarrhea for over a week. He can’t even hold water down. The doctors have not found the problem and he is getting very weak. Please pray they find out what’s wrong so he can be healed. He is at Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville. Also, please pray for his parents. Thanks so much.

    The things

  7. Need lots of prayer for a childhood friend of my husband’s family! He received a pretty grim diagnosis – please pray for strength for him and his family and wisdom for the doctors who are treating him. Thank you so much!!


  8. Hi, many of you know that in 2006 I had to have a mastectomy for cancer. Now I have to have a yearly mammogram for the other breast. Please pray all goes well and there are no abnormalities to be found, just normal healthy breast tissue. I go in tomorrow at 10:00 AM MST. . I will let you know what happens.
    Thanks in advance for praying, God is good!
    In his Boundless Love, Carolyn

  9. wanted you to know I have been in prayer for you about the anemia problem. I know you have many chronic health problems that take their toll when added together. Arlene, please know this one shall pass and I pray others will join me in prayer for you to regain strength you need for
    the challenge to move ahead of you. Look up.

  10. on March 15, above, is a prayer request for our granddaughter Brooke. She has since safely returned from Uganda.
    However, she has felt ill since she has been home. Yesterday she was diagnosed with MALARIA. She missed a dose of her preventative
    medication which is not 100% anyway. Please pray for her to recover without further incident.

    Also, the co worker who is still in Uganda has it as well. So she needs prayer.
    Thanks so much.

  11. URGENT!!

    Please save a prayer for my niece’s grandmother. Her name is Joann. She fell today and has had further complications. Joann is now on a ventilator and the doctors say she may not make it. The family is understandably upset and so very worried. Thanks so much.


  12. Praying for all these needs, Bali ~

  13. My niece’s grandma passed this morning. I didn’t know it but at the time I sent out the prayer request, Joann was brain dead. Please keep the family in your prayers at this sad time.

  14. I am taking on a lot which is stressing me out so much. I cannot get out from under what I have
    taken on, it’s more like it was put on me. It is
    taking more than I feel like I have inside of me
    to do but I know Jesus has enough in Him to
    handle it. Please pray for my husband to not
    snap at me over everything because it involves
    him too. We have to move on this path that God
    has set out for us to travel on. I am frankly a bit scared but that is not from the Lord so that is why I need prayer.

  15. Dear Family & friends:
    Monday, April 5, 2010

    I am having surgery ( hernia repair ) on Friday, April 16, 2010, at 11:00 A M.

    I need your prayers. The Lord is the Great Physician! I hate to ask you this, if you would have a get well card or just make your own, it sure would lift my spirits:

    Sandra Auth
    PO Box 685
    New Kingstown, PA 17072

    Thank you in advance.

    Your Sister in Christ Jesus,

  16. Hi Arlene, I just heard from my sister, who lives in St. Paul Minnesota. She has been suffering for 3 weeks with pneumonia and this past Sunday, ended up at the hospital with chest pains. She thought she was having a heart attack. It turns out, after having a catscan, that she has a lump on her lungs. They thought she may have a benign cyst, but was then told it may be cancer. She is scheduled for another catscan on the 5th of May. If it turns out the lump is still there, they will perform a biopsy. Please pray that it is just a cyst, and not cancer. She told me she has never been this scared in her whole life. And neither have i. please send her positive vibes, along with your prayers. Her name is Barbara Frerichs. She requests being added to a prayer list, and you are the first person i thought of to contact. Thank you in advance. and may the Good Lord be praised, no matter what the outcome.

  17. please pray for my sister, Barbara.

    • I am praying for Barbara. I am so sorry to learn of the possibly of lung cancer!
      I faced this with my husband last summer and he was not a good candidate for surgery so he had radiation. He is so far clean of cancer from the repeated pet scans.
      So my faith that this will be healed by God is good. I pray God to use whatever way HE chooses to heal her and that the fear will be replaced by faith. Kathy,
      the truth is that fear and faith are opposites. I face fear about different things at times and that is the thing that drives me to seek God to increase my faith. Faith is a gift from God. We can’t make it but we can ask Him for it. The thing that most increases my faith is reading the Bible. Read the Psalms for comfort and strength. This will wet your appetite for more and than read the words of Jesus in the gospels. And the letters from Paul. There is a miracle for you I believe but I believe it will come when your faith rises!!!!!!


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