Posted by: willpray4u | December 26, 2009

Peace inside our hearts

Always, our hearts turn to the birth of the Christ child at this time of year.  Yet, the peace He represents comes with a price.  He paid the ultimate price, giving His life so we could have eternal life too.  Throughout history, many have suffered for His story to continue to be told, for us to even now, carry His love in our hearts.

As we face the New Year, let us all be sure we are revived in our hearts to the salvation  He has brought – a gift we have to accept for ourselves……no one else can do that for us/you.  It IS personal, deeply so, yet we must share it for it to be real.  Romans 9:10 says if we believe in our hearts AND confess with our mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord we will be saved.

Let me pray for you.  If you have a request for many to pray for leave it under “comments” and it will be read and prayed over by many.  God bless you all this coming year and the remainder of this one.

Click “Comments” to leave your request:



  1. I have not been well the past week or so and especially today. I ask for pray that I will rise up and carry on as I need to do. I don’t want to eat and am having a general unwell feeling……..hard to be specific. I do need prayer…..

  2. URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: I got a call from a close friend saying her infant neice, (less than a month old), was taken from the hosp. inn Monroe, Wi to Madison….. The mother had her to the Monroe hosp 3 times this past week. The baby kept turning blue. They finally found a problem, about something they couldn’t keep up …to the level it was supposed to be at. Thanks Love, Dede

  3. Good evening Prayer Warriors

    I have a very urgent request!! A friend of the son of my best friend (can you follow that??) Anyways She has a 9 month old baby girl (I do not know her name) that fell down a whole flight of stairs while the parents were partying and doing drugs. They have life flighted the baby from our town to Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.
    This innocent little baby needs our prayers!! God know who we are talking about…Please PRAY!
    God Bless

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