Posted by: willpray4u | October 4, 2009

A personal word to you: 

This evening as I was contemplating what next to add on here as a POST – Because where I live, the leaves are beginning to change and fall is definitely moving in with the cooler days and especially nights, I just naturally thought I would do a post on fall colors, etc.

Then as I was about to search for a photo of fall, God spoke to my heart so clearly,  a verse.  I typed it in the search box and it was Psalm 46:4 below which I have obediently copied.  Why?  Why does God want me to write this verse on here now, tonight?  I am not sure but I am sure of one thing, He is speaking to someone who needs to hear this.  Recently, I have gone through some things personal to me that I have dealt with for years.  Quite unexpectantly, the Holy Spirit has moved on my life, using others but defintely bringing healing in an area of my emotional heart.

I believe because of that, He has begun this healing process in me so that I can more effectively reach out to you, to minister to you personally.        I needed this as I was in a dry and thirsty land.  As the Holy Spirit has spoken to me, allow Him to minister to you through this scripture and if necessary, read the whole chapter in your own Bible or the link we have for a online Bible on our right column.

Never give up on God.  No matter what the hurt, the pain, the sickness, the guilt, the longing, HE STILL KNOWS IT IS THERE AND HE STILL KNOWS YOU NEED HIM ALONE TO DELIVER YOU.  I bless you today and ask you to feel free to leave your prayer requests and if you want it annonymous, you can use any name or just type annonymous.  Your email can be one you don’t normally use if you want to keep it private from me.  I am the only one who ever sees it anyway.


 There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High.   Psalm 46:4



  1. October 5, 2009

    5:33 Monday Morning

    Dear Family, Friends and Minister Of The Gospel:

    This letter is sent you for three very important reasons:

    (1) Today at noon I am having pre-cancer colon surgery at Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth, 1400 Eighth Ave Fort Worth, TX 76104 – 817.926.2544. I am imploring your prayers, and all those whom you know!!!!!!! Though I am believing the surgeons hands will be especially blessed this afternoon. I Truly Need Your Prayers Of Agreement ‘today’!!!!!!

    (2) I am also very concerned about another matter. I am in the midst of a financial crisis, and while I am helplessly laying in a hospital bed this week, I will also be desperately needing the Wonderful Mercies of God, and cleaving to His Promise in Luke 6:38…. “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” … that a way will be provided me to finally get this Most Precious book into the hands of all those who will greatly benefit from her Divine Message. Oh how I pray you will take my heartfelt request before The LORD this very hour;

  2. Last night I THOUGHT I posted a prayer request but lo…..guess I didn’t hit the submit button or something.

    My request is for our 46 y/o son in FL who has been sick with a virus or flu. Now he suddenly had his whole face blow up, swelling horribly and he has his parotid glands not producing saliva. They did an MRI and we are waiting to see the next move of his doctors. Please pray for him.

    I understand other people are doing this and wonder if it is a new strand or a new complication or what is happening?

    Sounds like end times stuff huh?

  3. My son Kevin saw the doctor today. The swelling is beginning to subside and he has no fever yet. Just a bad sty on his eye today.

    The ENT doc thinks it is an auto immune disorder. I had an aunt with one that affected her so that she produced no tears, no saliva. But we hope its not that bad. He said it may happened again some day or may never happen again.

    freaky huh? Thanks for prayer and pray as the swelling goes on down.

  4. I need prayer to overcome a hurt deep inside. It is an old wound from childhood that gets reinflicted by someone else’s words now and then and when it does I am not able to function for a couple of days. The hurt goes so deep and it is not about forgiveness for the source of it is way gone. But when someone close to you knows they can hurt you by doing the same thing with words just because of their own ego being wounded, it just isn’t fair. I just am feeling so helpless. Why I can’t quit being hurt by this I don’t know.

  5. Dear Arlene,
    I don’t have your personal e-mail address so I am sending this personal message to you. I have COPD and am 4 liter of oxygen 24/7. I have been praying so long for God’s healing. I have aneurysm (4) not large enough to remove and the doctor said I would not survive major heart surgery. Now my kidneys, bladders has to have surgery on October 30. They will spinal shot, so I will not be put under. Now I am anemic and down to 101 pounds. I will not give up. I had spinal shots in my back for the pain, as I was not able to walk.16 shots done in 3-4 each trip. It really worked, He is a wonderful doctor and understands what to do. I will have an implant after I am healed from surgery. I told I could not afford co-pay and he told me he did not give a damn about the money, he wanted to make me better. I have been taking a shot every day for about 16 months to build my bone mass. The doctors told me my back was like house that the termites had eaten away. And I have arthritis . God will be here for me I know and I know I have been led to doctors who care. Please pray for me and asks any others that will to pray for me. Maybe a certain time that we all will be on same page. Whatever you can do I will be thankful. God be with you. Love, Frannie

  6. Pease Pray for Darlene Aiken , Rudy took her to the hospital Monday nigh she wasn’t feeling good. could hardly breath… sent her home about 4 a.m Tuesday still complained not feeing good and struggling to breath. Rudy took her back…he said he almost lost her. she is now in CCU ,on life support. said she has swine flu (H1N1 Please Pray….. i will up date as i hear … Thanks Be Blessed

  7. got this report:

    let you be the fist to know Darlene is holing her own they have turned the machine down , she’s beathing better , her Oxygen has gone from 40/ to 96. v/s are much better and they may take her off tomorrow if all goes well she is still in CCU and will be there till Sun .sorry half throught this some one I M ed me and the message went to them lol

  8. Please Pray….. continue to pray for Darlene, she was doing pretty good this morning , so they though they would take out the tube, But they had such a hard time putting it in , they said her throat was so swollen from the trauma of putting it down they thought at this point if they removed it , her throat would collapse . so they left it in till some of the swelling goes down. I will keep you posted. Thanks Be Blessed …

  9. Am watching this prayer list and prayer is going up for the lady with swine flu in the hosp. I guess we will see more of this as the days progress so we better be praying.

    Can’t people see this is part of the end times? Earthquakes increasing with several in one day and then diseases and infections they can’t cure? This is not the world as we used to know it!!!!!!

    Folks Jesus is coming and this is the warning He spoke of when He said when we see the leaves on the fig tree we know summer is near….. so we will know the signs for His return.

  10. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

    • YOU ARE SURE WELCOME TO COME HERE OFTEN. In fact, use the Message (chat) tab and say hello when you drop by.

  11. Dear Prayer Warriors,

    Would you be so kind to add a little boy named Adam to your prayer requests. He has brittle bone disease, and two broken legs. Please pray for

    his healing, and for his family, and for wisdom for the doctors,

    Love, thanks, and prayers, Mary

  12. Dear Friends,
    Please pray for my younger sister Janet Falkmann who will have radiation for breast cancer Tuesday October 20 {tomorrow} Please pray for the radiologist and all the health care workers. Please pray all goes well, that there are no complications nor infections. Thank you for your faithful praying.
    In His Boundless Love, Carolyn

  13. My daughter is doing through a lot of investigation over a misunderstanding of an incident with her young son a few weeks ago. It was totally wrong because something was reported on her that wasn’t true.

    She has had problems before but not in the a. rea of care of her child. Her problem is she has been married several times and is only in her 30s. She was brought up in a Christian home but she does NOT live the way she was brought up.
    I am drawn into this because I have had to vouch for her in child care. I don’t want to be brought into it as I have too many responsibilties already and at my age she needs to take on her own marriage and her own child. Please pray for her and that she will not continue to see other men while her husband and she are separated.

  14. Please Pray …..Continue to pray for Darlene Akin, Just got off the phone with her ,she sounded really good, She said she was really doing good , she sounded good, Think now she knows how sick she really was and after all the prayers the Lord was in charge and she said Saturday was a turning point.So today they took her off oxygen and said they’d start getting her papers together to go tomorrow.she’s just Praising the Lord Rudy sounded really up . Saturday when i talked to him he was really down, kind a doom and goom they want to thank all who prayed for her said to tell all how much they appreciated the prayers… Thanks Be Blessed….

  15. Please pray for my friend Shirley.She is in her 70’s and was laid off her job 14mths ago.She has to keep working.She also has Fibromyalgia and other health issues.She is depressed over the situstion.She needs healing and a financial miracle.THANKS


  16. Please pray for my friend Shirley.She is in her 70’s and was laid off her job 14mths ago.She has to keep working.She also has Fibromyalgia and other health issues.She is depressed over the situstion.She needs healing and a financial miracle.THANKS


  17. I need prayer for the flu I guess. Have been sick all week and really need to get busy. I have to continue the long hard tedious task of preparing our home for sale. We are not just doing the usual of painting, etc.but have decided to take this time to clean our and store a lot of things we don’t need now and some of it will be give to our chlidren and grandchildren. We rented a storage unit and so glad we did as we are able to thoroughly clean through it all this way. What pictures are not in albums which were a lot, were sorted fairly well by years so I am further dividing them between kids. And then some for us to keep foro now. This will make their task easier when it comes. I KNOW because I have done this 3 times already. Am truing to make the scrapbooking idea easier should any of them deside to take tht on.

    It is fun, reliving some wonderful years but for some of those years we went through much pain and it all gets in perspecitive more nwo. Just remember keep the memories flowing no matter how painful it may be for you at that time or that season. You are the strong one and the grandkids will depend on you as their strontghold in the family to keep the family together.

    I am storing other things away too that I dont’ need up here for now. We will be back in the hot humbid Florida we so gladly left only to re enter. But God has His reasons.
    Do pray Dave will remain cancer free.

    Bless the Lord oh my sould and all that is within me.

  18. November 08, 2009 Sunday,

    Please Pray for Kreg and me JULIE

    Kreg my husband has been unemployed since February 2009. We want to
    thank everybody that prayed with us that Kreg would get the final
    decision and get unemployment benefits.

    It was a long haul but he got them. Praise the Lord! And the final
    decision came down and about June. Even though his employer could have
    rebutted it. It looks like he has not and Kreg is continuing to receive
    unemployment benefits. Praise God.

    Jobs have been very scarce out there like everywhere else in the
    country. Even though Kreg has applied for many jobs. He has rarely been
    called for interviews. He has an interview this week they are excited
    about him because I think they know he’s a Christian and he would be
    selling things over the phone to churches he doesn’t exactly know what
    yet. However the job is only part time, hourly wage and he doesn’t know
    if he’ll be able to earn enough money to pay for our rent and other
    monthly bills.

    If this job is for him and he can earn enough money to equal
    unemployment or better, he would like the job. However if with his
    part-time job he *_can not_* earn enough money for us to live on we pray
    they will not offer him the job. Because according to the unemployment
    handbook he has to take the job if they offer it to him.

    I hope that makes sense Kreg wants to hold out for a job that will
    support us we have a two-year lease agreement we have to fulfill on our
    rental here. If he makes less then his unemployment we would have to
    break our rental agreement and find an even smaller place to live. And
    if we break our rental agreement not many landlords would want us.

    So pray he finds a job that will pay way better than unemployment so we
    can get ahead, as well as pay off debt. Also we are praying for him to
    get customers in his online businesses. He sells pre-paid no contracts
    to sign, no credit checks to go through, unlimited voice and text cell
    phones, and diet and health products as well. So he needs divine
    appointments & to hook up with the right people that will need his
    products & want to market them, themselves.

    Kreg has high blood pressure and a lump on his side that has been there
    for a while and we can’t afford to go to the doctor so we pray for
    healing in his body and take away the tumor on the side & lower his
    blood pressure and take away all the stress he is under do to lack of

    We believe God that it is just a benign tumor but we can not afford to
    get it looked at ultra sounded or tested. So we just wanted it to
    disappear & his blood pressure to go down. And peace that passes all
    understanding to rule and reign in his heart and in his life. Thank You
    God we need your assistance here.

    Kreg and I both need healing in our bodies and neck and backs from a car
    accident where we were recently hit on Oct 3^rd from behind by a young
    man in a new passenger truck that he borrowed from his brother.

    I Julie recently got accepted by the Department of Labor for the
    autoimmune disease that I have that makes me disabled. Although they say
    they are not accepted responsibility for the disease, there was so many
    people at the company that I would use to work at that came down with
    the same disease they had to take another look at it. They being
    Westinghouse Hanford the company I used to work for back in the 1970s
    was a government run facility that built the nuclear reactor in Richland
    Washington. So the Department of Labor is taking over my case and they
    are supposed to pay my back wages and medical bills concerning the
    sarcoidosis. However they want me to go for an extensive evaluation
    before they will pay for anything.

    I couldn’t get in and till right before Christmas at the National Jewish
    Hospital in Denver. So Christmas week Sunday Monday and Tuesday I will
    be going for a 2 day appointment to see several doctors at the Jewish
    national hospital weather permitting.

    We ask you to pray with us for good traveling weather that week of
    Christmas so we can get back and forth to Denver without any incidents.
    Even though many children will be praying for snow that week.

    I pray for help with dealing with the government in all the forums and
    hoops I have to jump through in order to do what they want me to do so
    that I can get paid for all my medical expenses and things I need, along
    with my back wages.

    We also need help in figuring out what to pick as the date for them to
    go back to in my lost wages. I cut my hours way down since 1996 and was
    only working a few hours a week up until 2002. But I didn’t know I had
    sarcoidosis until the year 2006. They often say that sarcoidosis is
    mistaken for many other things and misdiagnosed. So even though I could
    of had it I didn’t get diagnosed until 2006. I did a lot of research on
    the Internet the year I got diagnosed and found out that many of the
    Hanford workers where I used to work were also coming down with this
    disease as well as beryllium disease. Sarcoidosis and beryllium disease
    mimic each other.

    They told me back in 2006 when I called to ask, that if I had beryllium
    disease they would pay for everything and give me a settlement so I got
    tested for beryllium disease. Then they told me I did not have beryllium
    disease only sarcoidosis. So they would pay me nothing. A close my case
    and said goodbye and good luck.

    Then when we were losing our house this year the government Department
    of Labor called me and said that they were going to start paying for
    sarcoidosis medical. So pray I find all the medical bills that might
    relate to sarcoidosis and get reimbursed without a lot of time or trouble.

    Even though it is hard to deal with the government pray God will give me
    the favor and someone to help me and guide me through the whole process.
    Also pray for some extra Money to come in somewhere along the line so we
    can have a nice Christmas and buy Birthday and Christmas presents for
    our family and grandchildren and enjoy all the extra expenses for the
    holiday including holiday meals and extra expenses this holiday things
    like decorations & lights etc.

  19. I have always head bad headaches but the past several years we have gotten them under control so that my life was more normal. Lately I am having them
    again. I can take a migraine RX that will
    knock it out but my supplemental to the medicare RX program doesn’t pay for them.
    Oh it pays,,,,,,,,,a very high TIER which is the way the programs work. Tier 1 is the generic where we pay less than $5 co pay. U know us geriatric patients are some that need the newer brand name meds the most but because of ins. we have to take the oldest most confusing kind. One of my necessary to life meds
    has to horse pills 3 times a day and I am on the limited dose and it barely works.
    If I was on normal insurance like we used to haave when we worked, it would my 2 long acting pill a day. I need a lot of prayer because I have so many health issues that require me to take a lot of med s that I can’t just decide to not take..
    Please help in praying about this. I am in a quandry and emotionally upset over this insurance and health stuff in our country

  20. Thanks for prayes under my real name (Arlene). I am much better. Still awaiting full restoration.

    I want you all to know this site IS monitored so please leave your requests knowing its prayed over.

  21. H as most of you know I had FOUR cancers in 2006. Thanks be to God,I have been well since then. Tomorrow, December 2, 2009 I have another Pet Scan. Please pray that there is NO cancer for it to show. Please pray it is perfectly normal. Thank you all! I appreciate all of you!
    In His Boundless Love, Carolyn

  22. Hi everyone

    I want to thank ALL of you that sent me words of encouragement and the prayers for Craig and our family!!

    Craig was pretty bad….his drinking had taken it’s toll on his mind and body. He was in the hospital for a total of 6 weeks. The first 5 he was in and out of reality…combative, delusional, incoherent …. when he was awake…mostly he was asleep. All the doctors that saw him said the same thing…he needs to be in a home where people can take care of him. We all prayed and prayed for a good outcome and all I can say id WOW…PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I went on a Sunday and fed him lunch and prayed over him and sat with him and he wasn’t making any sense when he talked…it was just babbling gibberish…I didn’t go up on Monday, but went on Tuesday and he was sitting on the edge of the bed and asked me where his pants were because he really wanted to go home.. He was using the bathroom by himself and eating by himself…He had to use a walker but other than that he was great. They transferred him to a convalescent
    hospital 1 1/2 hours away from us that same day (that is a whole other long story!! AND big argument with his brother) Anyway, he was there for 1 week and then I brought him back to his house…for 1 week after that I made sure that someone was with him 24/7 just in case…..but I want to tell everyone…he is better than he has been in probably 3 YEARS….He is not drinking, doesn’t have the desire…he’s laughing and joking like the old Craig….he can cook by himself and he is transferred from the walker to a cane..but he really doesn’t need it and usually doesn’t use it in the house.
    His first psychiatrist appointment is next month and I can’t wait to go with him just so I can see the dr’s face!! I bet he’ll fall off his chair! LOL

    Christine and family

  23. I have to reload windows Vista (ugh) on my laptop due to a virus. As soon as that is straightened out, I will put up a Christmas theme.

    Bless all of you and would appreciate you to pray for me concerning a refund I am due that I need from Dell where they mistakenly overcharged me.

  24. Prayer Request:
    My prayers for you and your ministry, Dave and the rest of your family continue. I will read Psalm 46 as the message may be for me as your messages often have provided me with much comfort and hope. I ask you again–after so many times in the past 4 years when the Lord has saved her life–to help me pray for my sister Melissa’s recovery. She is again on life support and will be leaving the ICU soon to go to a sub-acute nursing facility far from home. The pulmonolgist has said the odds are not in her favor, however, I trust in the Lord and count on the power of prayer and your ministry to help heal Melissa so that she once again can come home. She is 59, formerly a teacher, has one son and husband, and is the sweetest person who believes in our Lord, Christ. Thank you.

  25. Marci please keep me updated on this request. She is so young to b so sick!

    Hugs to you!

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