Posted by: willpray4u | May 11, 2009

Prayer Requests give us Hope!

Romans 5:2
through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.
Ephesians 1:18
I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints,
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    If you just want to talk and not leave a request, or if you have a question, click on the CHAT tab above and do the same.

  2. Dave’s Lung Biopsy was changed from Thursday to Friday.

    We are so ready to get on with this stuff. Please, when you pray, also pray for GOD’S SCHEDULE!~

    He went to the altar Sunday and the Pastor and Elders prayed over him for healing and anointed him with oil. Today he took communion for healing as well and was anointed with oil again.

    He also woke up with allergy symptoms and we pray that is ALL it is since they can’t do the biopsy if it is a cold.

  3. Please remember my nephew, James Griffith, in your prayers. He was fired today because one of the guys on his crew told a lie on him.
    This guy has been working contrariness against James for quite a while. The guy called his boss and told him that he refused to do the work because it wasn’t his line of work. He couldn’t believe that his boss bought it because his boss knows how hard he works and how long he has been with the company. He needs work and ASAP. Thanks and God bless—-gwen

  4. I would like to ask you to be in prayer for my sister, Frances. She had has the same insurance for years and now the insurance company has decided to drop the Methodist Hospital. She has to go to the Methodist Hospital in Houston whenever she gets really ill because she is on the liver transplant list. The insurance no longer covers her transplant doctor either. She had to missed her doctor’s appointment because of no insurance. She has applied for new insurance but was told it would take 30 to 45 days before it takes effect. She was told it would cover the Methodist Hospital and that is the one that her doctor is associated with. The last time that she went in to the hospital Medicaid had to cover it because of no insurance. She can’t even get her prescriptions refilled because she has no primary doctor either. Her primary doctor was at the Methodist Hospital in Baytown. Pray that her insurance takes effect really soon and that all will be approved.
    Of course, we all know that God can give her a new liver. Thanks and God bless—gwen

  5. As most of you know Sheri, my niece who has been fighting lung cancer and has had one lung removed, months of Chemo and radiation and then given no more than 6mos to live has also been very depressed lately with good reason for sure. This is the news I got tonight from Tracy.

    Tracy called Sheri tonight only to be told that Sheri is not home but is in a hospital in Minn.
    Apparently she had flown out to Calif to see her brother for what she thought would be the last time and we all knew she was going. On her trip back she had a lay over in St Paul/Minneapolis. After getting off the plane while headed to the terminal she collapsed or fell. When they got to her she did not know where she was or her name. They took her by ambulance to a hospital in Minneapolis where they found a brain tumor. This was on Wed. On Thurs they did the surgery to remove a bone in her head and then the tumor. The doctor believes it to also be cancerous so he did not put the piece of bone back in yet. They will not put it back until after more radiation after she gets back home. Both of her sons who are in the military were flown to her side immediately..One is soon headed back to Iraq. Her husband was also given an emergency status to fly to Minn. He is there with her now as are her 3 sons.
    Tracy talked to her tonight and she was doing well. She thinks they will fly her home on Sat. to our hospital with an Aeromed flight. What happens after that we do not know except more radiation for her. She said the neuro surgeon was one of the top in the country so that was good that they got her to that hospital. Tracy said she sounded ok..just really tired.
    Prayers are so needed for this family and all they have already gone thru and still have to go thru over the next few months. Thanks in advance for that.

    Hugs, Judi.

  6. ALERT!!!!!!!

    Dave is sicker tonight……..having begun symptoms of a cold Monday he has gone
    downhill till tonight when I took his temp
    which was 100.4 and rising. I had him on
    Mucinex and it opened it up so he is coughing now but he will have to postpone the Biopsy OF THE SPOT ON HIS LUNG. It was supposed to be the 22nd………Friday.

    Please pray……we have worn out our knees but God’s ear is never warn out and we will never cease to praise Him.

  7. Pray for Debbie, a friend from church. She just had a death in her family and this is compounded by incident upon incident in her family to keep her tested over and over. Pray she get through this loss as well. Her young husband died suddenly just 4 years ago so she has had her share.

  8. I am praying for Dave………just want you assured that others care and are supporting you.
    I would love to see more people come here.
    If we use the chat section Bali I think that this could become a special cool place to hang out.


  9. *********GOOD REPORT***********
    Dave is so much better tonight! He is feeling like a human again. His fever broke and he ate a good meal for supper.

    I believe God has heard our prayers and our answers are being formed by God. Thank you for your prayers.

  10. Dave has pretty much recovered from the flu.
    So hopefully the biopsy will proceed the 29th, Fri.

  11. Sent to me from my sister in law..

    A quilting friend, surgery yesterday, hernias repairs, colon with colostomy and tumor found around bladder area but cannot be removed because of where it is, will require chemo and radium when she heals enough. Mary Ann is a very talented person and we love her very much and pray God will give her healing according to His will. Thanks for your prayers for her today and in the days ahead as she heals…………………Annette………………………


  12. ust got a call that one of my niece’s was anti-depressants. She collapsed and an ambulance was called. They have taken her to Kingwood to a hospital (they weren’t sure whether she was admitted to a hospital and is in the mental ward or if she was committed to a mental hospital). Either way my niece needs prayers. She has only been in our family a very short time and I really haven’t been able to get close to her at all. Her husband, Jason, is very upset because he couldn’t stay with her. He has her two children while she is in the hospital and taking care of them. Thank You and God bless —- Gwen

  13. Please pray for Britanny, an 18-yr-old, mother-to-be. Her cancer has returned and doctors have said her death is near. Her family has asked me to pray for Britanny and that if it is God’s will for her to go home to Him, that He give her enough time to deliver her healthy baby. This is such a heart-wrenching situation. We know God is in control and if He decides to give Brittany 2 more weeks, it will be done. Please ask it in Jesus’ name. AMEN and AMEN

    In His love and mercy,

    PS..Britanny is my husband’s great-niece.

  14. There is a wonderful movement going on to pray especially for the Washington DC issues. This i get aa copy of their issues so will leave them hear as I can.

    Please listen to all sides so we can pray efficient to please the Lord.

  15. Pray for husband of Lue, Keith who is in the hospital with throad cancer. He is undergoing treatment but encountered some problems.
    They will be put a feeding tube down this week end.

    ……..on Lue’s behalf, Arlene. They are in our church.

  16. Dave was hospitalized during the night last night with fluctuating BP, chest pain and near collapse.
    Upon admission blood tests reveal he is back to low hemoglobin of 7.5 – back to the place we were in March plus the diagnosis of cancer. Not thinking the cancer is doing this at this time, they will be doing GI system scopes starting tomorrow.
    He has already had a few units of blood which has made a big improvement in how he feels but this will only reoccur if there is nothing done to fine the cause.

    Please pray the doctors have supernatural wisdome, knowledge to find this cause.

    I had an epidural series Sat. and am just now up at alll after 3 weeks of bedrest so its been a rough night. I have stayed home the day and willl be back early am. He is at St. Francis Hos/

  17. Some haven’t understand that I, Arlene, am the same as Bali (nickname from older screen name) so have added it lately.
    But I wanted to ask for prayer for my own self.
    I had some dental work done several months ago where I had a root canal in a front upper tooth. I
    was supposed to return asap for the post and crown because actually the tooth was not that strong. Because of the numerous issues with Dave and his hospitalizations, my inability to leave him to go, I put it off…….too long as my tooth BROKE off eating a breakfast bar, I had to stay home that week as my dentist was on vacation. I went in early Monday morning and he did the work. I had enough tooth left to be able to use but they did have to do some extra build up and anchoring of the post to make things okay.

    I have had a horrendous mouth ache since. It is my whole upper bite that feels like a donkey kicked me in the mouth. I have pain meds and am on it regularly and still it hurts. Finally I called and asked for an antibiotic just in case and he put me on the Z pack. So hopefully this will settle down. Meanwhile pray cause I am hurting still and am so grumpy when I am in pain.

    I also will see my family doctor in the morning for the routine RX refills and checkup. I pray that goes well as I will be getting blood work done too.


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