Posted by: willpray4u | April 19, 2009

Communication with God

***Prayer request for my hubby Dave is down this page………..Click on COMMENTS


Prayer is our communication with God.  It is not only us speaking to Him, but allowing Him to speak to us through listening with our our spiritual ear.  He longs for that communication more than anything.  We who are parents, know this feeling for if our child or children were to turn away from us and not even speak to us because they were too caught up with their lives, our hearts would be broken.

As we pray now, let’s remember how often we were instructed to pray by the apostles as well as Jesus. 


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  1. Thank you so much for prayer for us. Thank you too Jenny for your help!

    I have a doctor appoint. AND a dental appoint. tomorrow. THIS is why we cannot seem to get anywhere. I have been in bed all week and only today got enough strength to get up and about a little. I dread tomorrow but know with God’s help I will get thru it…….

    Also, the front brakes on my car went out…….
    which is another FUN THING haha!

    Pray please for whatever test we are going thru, that we will pass it soon!

  2. I want to ask for prayer for my sweet friend that lost her job several months ago. She has done a great job of stretching her pennies and frankly I don’t know how on earth she does it. But her funds are emptied that she had saved. She continues to send in resumes and all but what she needs most of all are a bunch of Christians praying for her. Too many are out of work.
    I can’t bear to have my dearest friends in all the world to reach this point.


    that you so very much.

  3. Deani, I miss you. Wondering how you are.

    Please let us know when our prayers are working for each of you. I am here almost daily to pray for each issue but I seldom enter a response to let you know I have visited. Just trust me on that.

    Today I ask for prayer for a hip that I hurt long time ago and think maybe arthritis has set in. If not, then I don’t want to know what the problem is. I just want God to touch me with His almighty resurrection power and heal all in my body.

    Thank you so much.

    Bali I love this place so much. Just need to remember to tell you more often. If we can get more to visit and maneuver around this whole site, I think more will come…… they say
    “build it and they will come”

  4. My daughter is interested and praying to work abroad, may I request to please pray and help her. Attached herewith is her resume.
    Thank you in advance and God bless.

    In Him,
    Rev. Gil L. Palcone
    in order to read her resume, please email me

  5. Hello ! I receive prayer letters, and from time to time, in the evening, I find time to write..

    Would like to have pension insurance at least through one of the nurseries,so that God provide for that, and that new certificate I get, opens me possibilities for new successes…

    & to work with group of children at Lela and Bilja’s place -Also to agree next week with Mrs. Ljilja about editing a small children’s book with my songs and children illustrations – to write new chilren songs

    or to have idea HOW TO FORM A CHRISTIAN CHILDREN NOVEL- That God lead me in that, IN WRITING, AND IN WRITING A KIND OR DAILY DEVOTIONS… thank you.. Also for coming of new financial blessings , MAYBE THROUGH MY SPIRITUAL DAD ALSO..

    & of course I would like SUCCESS IN AREA OF LOVE, MARRIAGE.. that God lead me, my communication with one boris & that he surrender his life to Jesus, and get to know Him as a friend and Savior.. Also that GOD ASPSEND some 35,40, good, spiritual, attractive, single, educated man in a church.. that Want to be loved, cared for, appreciated.. GET MARRIED AND HAVE A BABY, and I’m over 35.. so, support me in prayer,THANKS

    THAT GOD BLESS my sister JANA’S WORK -AND LEAD HER AND HER HUSBAND RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS- glory be to God for His moving & decisions in their hearts for Him.. THAT GOD PROTECT THAT, THEIR SEARCHING AND DECISIONS FOR GOD, CHRIST.. Pour out His spirit of prayer on them, MIROSLAV & JANA, His spirit of wisdom and revelations and also on my nephews, Ogi, Duca, 14, 12 -that they start coming to church when they can & thank you


    Your sister in Christ, MARINA

  6. (unsure)

    this is from tanya lot

    A quick prayer request for my youngest nephew, Nick. He is having some very, very minor “surgery” (really can’t call it that) to have a clogged gland on his eyelid that has gotten infected removed on Friday. For adults, they lance this sort of thing in the office but for kids it requires a little more anesthesia as you can imagine. So he’ll be at St. Francis to have it done first thing Friday morning as outpatient surgery. The whole thing should only take 15- 30 mintues. I’d love your prayers. He’ll be at my hospital, but unfortunately I will be in Baltimore! His poor eye looks so awful and he said he had trouble seeing the ball tonight at his baseball game because it’s so swollen so I think he knows it has to be done. But he’s only 6 so I’m sure he’s scared!
    Thanks for your prayers (feel free to lift me up for traveling mercies- leave tomorrow, return Friday).
    Thanks for praying,

  7. Submitted on 2009/04/23 at 1:53am
    please pray for my husband, Steve.
    He has to have a part knee replacement in middle of May.
    Please also pray for me if you will. My liver counts are high. May be going to my cancer doctor soon.
    Please pray for my friends John and Char, as John has an allergy infection and Char has thyroid problem and fibromyalgia.
    thank you Submitted on 2009/04/23 at 1:53am
    please pray for my husband, Steve.
    He has to have a part knee replacement in middle of May.
    Please also pray for me if you will. My liver counts are high. May be going to my cancer doctor soon.
    Please pray for my friends John and Char, as John has an allergy infection and Char has thyroid problem and fibromyalgia.
    thank you Submitted on 2009/04/23 at 1:53am
    please pray for my husband, Steve.
    He has to have a part knee replacement in middle of May.
    Please also pray for me if you will. My liver counts are high. May be going to my cancer doctor soon.
    Please pray for my friends John and Char, as John has an allergy infection and Char has thyroid problem and fibromyalgia.
    thank you

    Folks, I need support!!!!!!! Much prayer support and write me, phone me, I am seeking those that God will send to me right now because we are in a LIMBO STATE……………..Dave’s PET SCAN is POSITIVE!!!
    Wed. the 30th, Dave & I and his Oncologist, a Radiologist and I am not sure who else, but several doctors will make decisions based on the findings and advice from all…….where we go next. She (the oncologist) said they may want to do a biopsy.

    Dave smoked from his early teens until the day we left FL to come to SC mountains to build our retirement home. That was April 1999. He already had beginning COPD and now has it a lot lot worse. He is on Oxygen for sleep and exertion.
    He just went through another heart attack and angioplasty *Feb-Mar*. That makes about 5 of those (angios). He has had a fem-pop twice in his left thigh. That is a bipass in the main artery as it had closed. He is pretty stubborn about his diet and vitamins, etc. but hey, that is God’s problem. Not mine. I lay that down now because it just causes strife

    He had told me in late January this year that the time had come that he felt we should just sell out and move back to Lakeland, FL to be with our family. Our son and 5 grandkids live there and our daughter and 2 grandkids are in the Orlando area. We have other family there as well. Both of my siblings are in other states. Dave’s is near Lakeland. So………..just as we have begun to make plans on what to do here to improve things for putting the house on the market, it seems like the roof fell in.

    First was his chest pain and angioplasty followed by sending him home on a new medication that ate his red blood cells…..that ended up and EMERGENCY with a dropping red blood count. He was admitted again in the hosp with 4 blood transfusions and 2 iron transfusions. Was in the hosp a week and has been doing well since home. Then they called to tell us that “INCIDENTALLY'” on the scans they did on him in the hosp picked up a spot in his left lung. So last week he had a PET scan.

    Then me, I am having my own minor things compared to him but things that have kept me down…….abscessed tooth with a root canal, then I fell and hurt my right knee… still having fluid build up on it altho it was drained once. I see an ortho specialist the 30th. There are more things but those are the highlights……oh did I mention we had a small wreck the other day coming home from the dentist and unfortunately it was Dave’s fault (lane change thing)…….$237 ticket………has to go to court in SC regardless. So how do we sell this house, getting ready to sell it like painting and a new flooring in my office………etc. etc. etc.
    It is a good buy, has a pool…..tons of windows………in a forest with neighbors but no one can see the other.

    I just needed to VENT badly so please excuse the long story. We need HEALING IN THE HOUSE LORD!!!!!!!!!
    We need a definite direction to go or stay. We only have our church friends and one neighbor and other friend for a base of support here. NO FAMILY. That is why we wanted to go on back home. His health kept going downhill………almost lost him last year with pneumonia and I am disabled and NOT ABLE to care for him.

    Pray!!!!!!!!!!!! I know the power of prayer!!!!!!!!!!!

    Write me too if you prefer a personal reply.

  9. MY UNCLE NIKOLA (my mother’s only brother) is in hospital and his CONDITION IS CRITICAL. Few years ago he had a stroke and now HIS BRAIN CELLULES ARE ATROPHYING. HE CAN NOT MOVE HIS LEFT LEG AND HAND.
    He is wonderful man, Christian all his life, regulary attended church. Doctor said that now everything is in God’s hands.

    Thank you and may God abundantly BLESS YOU

    Lord Jesus we ask you for a miracle for Nikola’s Uncle. Jesus we believe you can and will heal him.




  10. Bali,
    I can’t imaggine what darts Satan is throwing at both of you right now. He will do that to attack your minds with horrible imaginations. So I cast down every imagination that is sent by satan and not from the Holy Spirit. Remember the thingss you taught us. You have taught 100’s these very truths. So Jesus is holding Dave ‘in His Hands’ like you always say.

  11. Dear Father,

    I stand in agreement with Arlene and Dave for a quick work in healing and better health. Your Word says that we are to come “boldly” into your throne room. Your Word also says that where any two of you on earth agree as touching anything, I willl do it.

    Father, we are here before you and are in agreement with Arlene and Dave and other friends for Your Hand upon this situation. We believe Your Word now and ask you to move in this situation. Please a give Arlene and Dave supernatural refreshment both spiritual and physical. Let them kno that You and Your partners, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and present on their behalf and You intend to keep Your Word to us.

    We thank You Lord and we give you all the praise and all the glory…Praise You Lord for Your Word and Your presence in our lives. Thank You for Your Grace and Goodness. Thank You that You are faithful and that Your Word does not return to You void….Thank You.

    God, I also come into agreement for other prayer requests here. I ask comfort and healing be sent to these people who are sick and different situations. We ask God that the Blood of Jesus be spread over these families and that You would send angels to minister to these families.

    Thank You Lord, for Your blessings and healings to these places. Amen and Amen

  12. Praying that God will meet all these needs ~ and touch those that need healing with His healing hand, in Jesus mighty name ~

  13. Father, we gather in prayer and in agreement with Arlene and Dave for their health and home sale issues. Oh Father, we know You are right beside them guiding them to the proper path You have chosen. We ask Father, for peace and comfort as well as healing. When bad things happen, we must remember You are saving us from something else.
    Father, we plead with You for God News soon.
    In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.
    Thank You, Blessed and Risen Savior, for hearing our united prayers.

  14. Hi All, can you please pray for me? I need an unspoken prayer request?
    God knows what is the problem and thank you so much in advance.
    Love and prayers to you all!

  15. Dear Lord,

    I stand in agreement with above prayer requests and I thank You in advance for Your grace and Your answer. Amen and Amen

  16. UPDATE ON HUBBY (DAVE): Spot is small 1.5 cm in upper r. lobe. It reallly “lit up” thus they want to go right in and cut it out surgically BUT…….DAVE has COPD and is on Oxygen already – not sure if he is a candidate for surgery……test his breathing next mon. & get ok from Heart Doc. If those = ok = surgery asap. If not………Plan B = Radiation probably. Will have to be followed forever.

    We feel relieved compared to what we COULD have heard. NO lymph nodes “lit up” and its small = not a fast spreading Ca. PRAISE JESUS! PRAISE JESUS! Don’t stop praying because Monday we find out if he has surg or not. PLEASE keep praying! THANK ALL OF YOU FOR PRAYERS AND GOOD THOUGHTS …..YOU ARE ALL SO KIND!

    How worn out I am just from a doctors visit because of the nature of the visit…….but our church brought supper a + enough for tomorrow!!!!!!!!! and Banana Pudding,

    If anyone has more questions just email me………….soooooooo tired.

    In God’s Hands,

  17. Father, We lift our hands in Your praise…We thank you for this report and praise You that it is not as bad as it could be. Thank You Lord, for Your hand in this matter. Thank You Lord, for the angels whom You have sent to watch over us lest we dash our feet….

  18. We are hanging in there…..hoping surgical removal will be able to be done. Yet hoping God will just take it out Himself first!

  19. Please Pray….. On April 2nd I sent out a prayer request for Mr. Hanson.he had a growth on his neck and had surgery , they didn’t think they had been able to get it all, and it was cancer…. Please Pray for this family… while out shopping in Walmart today he had a heart attack and passed away… Very good Christian man, so his family is sure they will see him again soon.But no matter how you prepare it still isn’t easy so please pray ….for the Hanson Family… ( no more Discount shopping )he owns it all… Thanks… Be Blessed

  20. Courtney is a young mother..and an atheist.She works with me.She is losing her baby sitter and will have to quit her job.Please pray for salvation and a baby sitter.thanks,Virginia

  21. Please pray for a friend of mine. Her husband has been in the Alzheimer’s unit here in Lakeland at Oakbridge. He passed away May 4th Tuesday AM. Please pray for peace and comfort for her.

    Thank you all so much. God bless each of you and yourfamilies.

  22. Father, I stand in agreement with each request here. I stand on your Word that “Where two of you agree as touching any thing on earth, I will do it.”

    Thank you God, and we give you all the praise and all of the glory in advance. …..

  23. I pray for us to find out what is going to happen with Dave SOON!!!!!!!! He went back today to find out and simply got sent for one more test. While we are glad they are being so thorough, it is hard to wait…..

    He is supposed to find out Friday whether it is surgery or radiation. Surgery is the best but they have to be sure he can tolerate it.

  24. Dear friends….Yesterday I met a man that asked me to pray for his son. He was a 3 yr old in a coma, fighting Meningitis. I didn’t write down the little boys name, thinking I’d remember it, but…old age has seems to have crept up on me and I just can’t recall his name. BUT, Jesus knows who this child is. Please pray for a speedy recovery and peace for this child’s family. The father was quite distraught and could certainly use the calm of Jesus in his life. Thank you so much, you’ve never let me down and I know you won’t this time

    God Bless…I love you all!!


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