Posted by: willpray4u | April 12, 2009


He is Risen!………….He is Risen Indeed!!!


It is simply because of the glory of the cross that prayer IS real!  As you think of your  request, simple click on COMMENTS and leave your request as instructed inside the box.






  1. Praise God that the tomb is empty and the Lord is risen today!

  2. My knee that I fell and hurt 2 weeks ago……is swelling all up again. I had an MRI Friday but do not have the report yet. I had 5 days of prednisone which made it go down drastically but it is swelling back up just as much almost as before. Please pray this is not a lasting problem for me.

  3. Bali, I saw you had been going through so much and wanted to encourage you. I also want you to know we will help at in small ways……..I can’t do anything big but I can pray and Ill get others to do so.

    I want to ask for prayer for Bali as she deals with all the pre sale tasks to get her house on the market as well as deals with the problems with the health of her husband and herself.

  4. Talked to Bali and she had that root canal yesterdayl She came home with a lot of pain
    in that tooth area and fever and shaky chills.
    She later lost her temp filling so I guess you could say things are not going too wel for her. She still had pain, fever and chills today. Of course the dentist wants the fever cleared before she comes back in
    She is not able to proceed with home projects they MUST complete. But you know her, she is hanging in there and simply says prayer please!

  5. Bali is still recuping from all of the above.
    She asked for prayer for her husband.
    They have found a spot on his chest xray on
    his left lung and will be doing a PET scan
    on Friday. It could be scarring from the pneumonia a year ago.

  6. Marci has a prayer request on the chat page so lets agree with the healing of Gail her friend.

  7. Lord, in the name of Jesus I agree for Your healing power for the above requests. I pray, God, that Your peace would dominate every situation with all of us. I thank You in advance and I give You all the praise and the glory.

    Thank You in advance for Your presence in each home and in the midst of all of our families. Amen and Amen

  8. at 10:10 PM……….note there is a new POST.

  9. 1. Pray that God will provide college fees and a laptop computer for my son, Blackson.
    2. Pay that God will provide me, Lackelo with a God fearing husband

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