Posted by: willpray4u | April 1, 2009

SPRING refreshes………….JESUS does too!!

dogwoodtrees1daffodils1Spring has arrived –  although in many places it still doesn’t seem like it.  Yet, it will show its refreshing tender buds as winter succumbs to the overpowering beauty.  Through the winter season in our area of the earth, we are not so dismayed by the bare branches and dead wood, grasses, because the beauty and pagentry of Christmas brightens everything around. Christmas brings good news too.  The remembrance of the birth of our Savior.

In like manner, after we tire of the empty branches and lawns, just in time to life out spirits, Spring restores what winter took away.  In so doing, it also ushers in the soon to come celebration of the Resurrection of the Christ! 



(This is our Prayer Request page……..I change the post from time to time with a few words to encourage, etc.  To add a prayer request, click on COMMENTs)



  1. I finally got to this change in our post. Sorry it took so long.

    Dave is much better. Hi Hgb is 11.9 which is a miracle to us as God is healing him. All is counts are up. Continue to pray as he still needs strength to help us get the house on the market to sell.

    I fell 2 nites ago during the night in the dark all on my right knee. It is painful and bruised but wanted to give it some time. I may have to get some xrays tomorrow though as it is pretty sad looking. I can walk but in pain. Please pray because I need to be busy.

    God bless each of you.

  2. Hurray for spring! Yes it is finally here along with a lot of rain. I always love to see those daffodils peeping up, even though it may be through the snow sometimes. But I agree Bali, it is a promise
    that more is on the way.

    I wanted to let you know we are still praying for Dave and you too.

    I want to ask for prayer for a young child having tests for severe pain. No cause has been found but I think she had a scan today. She is 5 years old.

  3. We have financial needs as do so many others right now. We have a solution but it requires
    finding a buyer for something we need to sell.
    Please pray for God to send just that one person
    that He knows is the one. Timing is MOST IMPORTANT! tHANKS


  4. I don’t have a huge request but I do have a request.

    This place is so good to come to blog and chat. Since Bali has provide a chat page, let’s use it.
    It you put your mouse pointer on the right edge, right click the mouse and it will say top/bottom and you can move up and down easier.

  5. Pray for the storms tonight. Many are playing havoc in the southeast and it is a bit frightening when you can’t see what’s happening. Thanks.

    This is very nice.

  6. I have an emergency request. It concerns 7,500 of our children in the court systems involving the Guardian Ad Litem organization: I understand that the House and then the Senate will be voting for a 23% cut concerning the GAL program. This will cut out help for our children who are involved. PLEASE PRAY NOW FOR THIS NOT TO HAPPEN!!

    I should have submitted this for prayer earlier yesterday, however, I was so busy emailing congresspersons that I forgot to request prayer which would have done more good- Father, in the presence of You and Your prayer warriors, I confess not thinking to pray first – I ask forgiveness. I ask, God, that You would send Your angels and have Your Hand over the House of Representatives and Senate and impress on every heart to vote against this bill. I pray for Your Perfect Will in this matter. Thank You, Lord for Your mercy and Your Grace….I pray for Your Will be done in this country. Bless our Leaders, God, that they will do Your Will and You will receive all the praise and all the Glory…..Amen and Amen……

    Note from WillPray4U: this is a repost from a different location and needed to be here for you all. Thanks Annette

  7. I have a prayer request. My daughter, Stefani, was unable to have children. She was devastated but had grown to accept the situation. Wed. we got a call from a family member saying she knew of a woman who was having twins but could/would not keep them – would Stefani and Scott take them. Needless to say we are on our knees thanking God for this miracle. Please pray that everything will work together so that this couple will know the joys of parenthood. Money is a big issue with this situation. The cost of a simple adoption is over $6000.00.
    Arlene, I am so happy to hear of Dave’s improvement. He has been in our prayers. As soon as we are well and not rushing to Morganton to help with Rocky’s uncle we will come by. Love you guys.

    PRAISE YOU FATHER FOR THIS MIRACLE THAT SEEMS TO BE TAKING PLACE IN THE LIFE OF THIS FAMILY. Knowing them personally, my heart just flutters with wings of hope for them. Carol, know that I AM praying too.

  8. please say a prayer for my sister, Barbara. She had surgery to help her lose weight, and has had problems since. She has to have more surgery, so pray that this one is successful and her final surgery.

  9. Those photos of spring blooms reflect the peacefulness of this site. I am grateful that Bali, Arlene, has this up.

    I join you all in prayer for the ill and the financially burdened and hope that by summer things look even better!

    Also, glad to read that Dave is home and I sure hope that knee of Bali’s is feeling better today.

    Much love to you all.

  10. Father, In the name of Jesus I ask that these prayer requests be granted according to Your perfect will.

    We thank You in advance and give You all the praise and all the glory. Thank You God for Your patience and graace on our behalf.

    Amen and Amen

  11. I praise the Lord for His answers to prayer for Dave and for you, Arlene, and i lift up every prayer request for healing, finances, and every ned in the mighty name of Jesus, our healer, our provider, name above all names.I also ask for prayer as I have battled cancer for many years, and once again, I am undergoing tests for very dangerous blood levels, and muscle wasting, indicative of more cancer, which i am NOT receiving for I believe Jesus will complete my healing at last. His word declare that
    ‘ he who began a good work in me will see it through to completion”and elsewhere, “I know the plans i have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future!”

  12. I pray for all of the above needs that have been shared. I am so thankful for the answers we have and are receving.

    BJ I so do stand with you with every word you wrote. We know when we agree with the Word of
    God we ARE agreeing with HIM! May the Rock be your strength as you reach through this difficulty into the hand of Jesus.

    Pray also for Dave who see the doctor today that is the blood specialist to make sure the blood work is returning to normal.

    For me also as I fee last week. I had xray and was put on prednisone to reduce the swelling. I have an MRI scheduled this week as well. Meanwhile is rest. *(on sure when we are trying to get the house read for sale!). But my problems are so small when I read others’. So lets seriously all take the time to cover each other on here!

    I lovey you all! PEACE – SHALOM!

  13. Please pray for my family and myself to be supersensitive to the Holy Spirit to know God’s Will in our lives. ”I pray, Lord, for all needs and requests as stated above. Help us God to be tolerant of our loved ones and ourselves. I pray for understanding.

    Thank you, Lord, for your answers in advance.

    We give You praise and glory….

  14. Today when Dave went for a followup visit from when he was in the hospital recently, the hematologist mentioned there was a spot on his left lung. This is the first time ANYONE has mentioned and he has been home since teh 13th of March!!!! So they want to check it out of course and he will be getting a PET SCAN teh 17th. He had severe pneumonia in the left lung a year ago and we pray that it is only a scar from that.

    I have an MRI of my knee this week but it is able to be bent now that I have had some prednisone and the swelling has gone down. Also, I have a root canal Monday…….We need a whole lot of calm, peace and sanity in our lives right now as
    we prepare to move and so much on our plates.

    But, when I look back over the years, I cannot remember one single problem God has not handled. He has never failed us EVER! So I put it all in God’s Hands!

  15. Lord, In the name of Jesus I pray for all requests above, said and unsaid. I stand in agreement for every need and every healing and I give you all the praise and all the glory. Thank you in advance for Your answers.

  16. I would like to request a miracle for my cousin, Eddie. He has many physical problems and is in the hospital at this moment. God knows his problems and I ask that he might come out of this with no further health issues. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Thank You, Lord in advance for miracles in this life. Amen and Amen

  17. I read your issues above Arlene and I am so concerned as of course I would be knowing you both for so long. Because of that I also know you will and have put is all in God hands and I come into agreement with you for that as well. I have been trying to keep up with things happening with you two. You are so precious to me. Too many times have you prayed me through difficulties.

    Also, I want to ask you dear Lord will you touch and envelope the other needs as listed…..
    I pray for Annette’s cousin Eddie to be freed from the bad health that is tormenting him right now.
    I ask him to be totally set free and 100% whole.

    BJ, Tazebell and Kathy, I know your hearts have lifted up your own requests but I come here to join you as well in asking God to meet the needs that only He can know and fully understand.

    Isn’t it good to do what Arlene said and that is to look back and remember all the times God has carried u s through? My Pastor used to call that
    “rehearsing your victories”.

    Praying for you all!

  18. Reporting that I had my MRI of knee today but will get report next week. We made some purchases today toward setting things in motion to seel house. Taxes done as well.

    Thanks so much for prayers as so far we are keeping our spirits up in regard to the spot on Dave’s lung. God knew this all along so has it under control. At any rate, we still need to move.
    So all that is still on. Please continue to pray.

    Thanks Jenny btw and all else for prayers.

  19. Thank you for the pretty card, Bali. I am sorry you two have been going through so much. Praying for Dave and for you ~

  20. I am so sorry for the devastating news, but we are all in agreement with you for Dave’s ( and your) healing, as we know by His stripes we are healed, (according to Isiah, and 11 Peter , and Psalm 107, and so many precious promises of the Lord) in Jesus name, Amen

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