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Updates for Dave, Bali’s hubby

end_plaque1Due to the large amount of email inquiries on Dave’s condition, and I do thank you all so much, I cannot answer each and everyone so please see that the most recent Post up will contain the updates within the prayer requests as well because they ARE requests for prayer.  YOU ARE ALL ENCOURAGING ME SO MUCH…YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT A DIFFERENCE YOUR SUPPORT MAKES ON HOW I MAKE IT EACH DAY.



  1. Do check the last post before continuing with this one as there are severeal last minute updates on Dave.

    I request prayer for sleep and rest. I was given medication to help me sleep but I unconsciously seem to fight it. I HAVE to leearn once again that same old thing……..”Let go and Let God…..” and I AM trying.

  2. Good afternoon. I am at the hospital sitting with Dave and PTL for a wireless connection for me to use my LT here. Will be spending supper with him as well tonight.

    His HBG is only 9 after the 2 units of blood. Yet he does look better ……..has color in his face. The doctors said they are concerned because there is no indication of any bleeding anywhere yet he appears to definitely be doing so. Running many tests. He does have a good appetite but I never knew him not to have one 😆
    The doctor order IV Iron for him today but he was not able to tolerate it either. It caused a severe reaction. ???????

    Prayers for him that are most needed are: he will be able to tolerate treatments for his conditions.
    2-that the source of the bleeding can be found.

  3. Dave is getting 2 more blood transfusions today as well as IV Iron. Also more tests and an echo.
    Maybe get to come home this w/e for cont’d care as outpatient. We BOTH need prayer as I am not able to care for him alone if he is not able to be up and about. God will care for us! He knows our needs.

  4. Darlene is having a colonoscopy today……and you know the prep is worse than the test. Sleep through that test! So please pray for it to be negative!!!!!!!

    Darlene is our prayer email caption at church.
    She keeps our email updates for all and it is quite a job. She does a marvelous job. She and her husband are our elders.

  5. I saw you were on bali so wanted you to pray for this gov’t mess about the economy right now. I know you have your hands full with husband and all but while you are praying we all need to band together to pray for God to move on the hearts of our leaders and to stand with Israel so we will be blessed or this land will be cursed instead.

  6. I think everyone is up at the same time. I also don’t think the times are posted correctly on this blog right now. Might be me but think it is daylight time change.

    We are all praying for Dave’s condition Arlene.
    I know this is very hard on you with yoru health as it is. I know its hard for you to be on the go
    without him as well. Don’t worry because you are covered in prayer by many of your faithful prayer partners on here. Be blessed.

    We are agreeing for Dave’s blood loss source to be identified and for his counts to come into normal in the name of Jesus

    Well I am off to work. Will check tonight for any updates.

  7. Praying and hoping Dave will soon be home and on his way to recovery.


    I PRAY THEY DIDN’T DISCHARGE HIM TOO SOON BUT IT IS GREAT TO HAVE HIM HERE. His hgb is only “10” but that is better than a 7 or 8 and he has had 4 transfusions. He is on Iron now and also an antibiotic…….has a slight infection from the IV site. So pray that heals.

    ********He is sooooooo weak that he seems a bit uneasy about that***********but I told him that it is the anemia and that he will heal in time.
    I bought stuff to fix him good meals……..he is out cook and I hate the kitchen but I will do anything to get him well.

    He really needs prayers to continue even more so he does not end up back in there.

  9. Will be praying for him. Have been unable to go onto your blog. Pray for us. Husband Richard died in Sept. Have home up for sale Pray for a buyer. Its a nice doublewide and has been a wonderful home for 8 years esp. since we have been caring for him the past 6 years since his stroke. Pray for finances and healing of baby grandson. God bless. dmundy25

  10. Have been trying to keep up with your husband and the progress he has made. I see that God is answering our prayers for healing. Keep up the faith and He will always be faithful to you.

  11. Sorry for not updating you all on Dave. To be honest, we have had company from several people and I am not used to waiting on Dave this much. In fact he does most of our cooking and helps me more than I do him. We have most of our housework done for us.

    And………the past 2-3 days I have crashed. It is a good thing we had meals I had frozen for us!!
    I am trying to get my get up and go going again but I seem to have lost it!!!!!!!

    In other words HELP
    He is doing much better. We might try town Monday because our groceries are getting below the “fill” line but we will see. Just keep praying.

    I dont’ feel well today at all so that is it for me for now.

  12. Good Morning,
    After a bit of navigating I finally found a post about Dave, I am so happy he is home. I know times have been most difficult but again you have survived. God is good.

    I am so happy Dave is home.


  13. Yvonne, sorry dear friend you have a hard time navigating. If you want to email me what would help…….feel free to do so.

    I am trying to post updates here as they are prayer requests as well for the current situation.

    And sometimes I add a note on the chat page to look here or vice versa.

    He is continuing to do well. A bit tired today from doing around yesterday……I have been down sick again from my old post GB things but I have to titrate my medication to prevent it and hope it will be okay soon.

    So pray accordingly. Thanks for your faithfulness.

  14. Good Morning,
    Another day..thank our good Lord. Off to work.

    I have a friend who needs prayer like never before. She actually has a affliction called Morgellons and from what I have read so far on the Internet..they do not know what causes it nor is there a cure. It has consumed her life as it has thousands of people. Please pray for her.

    Thank you,

    so very sorry about your friend…………Father God, I come into agreement with Yvonne according to Matt. 18:19, claiming that promise with so many more for your will to be done in her friend’s life. Only YOU know the reason for this affliction and the way to remove it. We ask in the agape love of Christ for your total miraculous healing. We pray this as we know you are the true and only healer. I saw you heal my daughter of Crohn’s disease as she was being consumed by it and close to death more than twice and now is WHOLE! In Jesus name
    we pray, Amen and Amen.

  15. Nacho” was in an accident and had to have his spleen removed and a kidney repaired.He is in critical condition,but stable.Friend of my daughter.Pray for salvation as well.Thanks


  16. Noted your request Virginia!

  17. note that we have a new POST (Thread) started.

  18. Happy Resurrection DAY !!! Dave and ARLENE! I have been praying for you both . I am so happy that you have Dave home for Easter….It would have been such a bummer if he was still in hospital. Wondering if they ever found out about side effects from that med causing the internal bleed?
    My sweet guys are with my family for dinner now. I was not well enough to go but they will bring me home a nice “to go” plate. Chad sang a solo in both services today and Curt did sound.

    I am sure you miss your kids and grands this Easter, Bali, have you done anything to begin to move back to FLA?

    How are your fuzz babies doing? I hope you have more energy and that Dave is on the mend also. We watched the DVD “Marley” last night and it sure had a SAD ENDING! They had so many cute trailers advertizing that movie and it was very cute until the sad end…….sigh….
    We also saw Slumdog Millionaire last week which had a good ending but really opened my heart up for the poor in India.
    from Wisconsin
    K and C ;o)

  19. You and Dave are in my prayers. I pray for strength and healing for both of you. My God Bless.

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