Posted by: willpray4u | January 20, 2009

Pray for each other and pray for vision for all!

Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he who keeps the law will be happy.  Proverbs 29:18


In God’s Word there is a great amount of hope provided.  He provides the vision or hope for tomorrow!  He give us the will to continue on by the many promises He has already fulfilled, knowing He will continue to do so in our future.



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  1. Thank you Lord, for the hope you have always instilled in me as well as your many other children.
    At this time of new history being made in the USA, we thank you for your faithfulness and ask your blessing on the USA.

  2. Warm christian greetings In the name of Jesus Christ!

    Our God is so good for the passed 2008 and He alone is worhty to be praised! Thank you also for your prayers and concern to us in to God’s ministry here. The Lord contineously bless you.

    May I again request to you to please lift us up to the Lord in prayers. We are praying and looking for whoever God will be His instruments for us for the provisions of our needs and His ministry.

    Help us pray for the following;

    1. Pray for God’s provision of a lot and building ( a bigger and better place for worship)
    2. Our Compassion Ministry needs:
    a. At least 2 Sacks of rice every month for our feeding program.
    b. SPONSORS( Schoolarship) for the under privileged clients (children and high school)
    c. Shoes, clothes, slippers, vitamins and school materials.
    3. To our Bible School Students:
    Please pray for our Bible School students who are in need of financial provisions for
    them to continue in their schooling.
    Pray also for us to have at least 2 computer
    4. Masteral:
    Pray for my wife and myself for God’s provision both of us are taking up our Masteral
    5. My Family: pray for God’s provisions of good health, protection, wisdom and provisions to
    our needs, we are living by faith and contineously seeking for God’s instrument/s for us.
    Pray for needs of our 2nd daughter, she is now in 2nd yr in college taking up HRM
    6. Personal: help me pray for me to have a Laptop computer.

    Thank you and the Lord bless us all!

    Respectfully Yours,
    Rev. Gil L. Palcone
    Jesus, The Lord of Lords C.C.
    150 Binakayan Kawit, Cavite Philippines
    Praise God for what He has already done!!! We will pray with you for these needs to be met in Jesus holy name.!

  3. Agreed!
    Please pray for a healing for a friend named Miriam – she’s only 40 and has a 12 yr. old daugther – she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and there’s
    complications with the aorta – the whole family needs prayer and comfort –
    thank you so much,
    God bless,

  4. Father, we come to You this morning asking, for a complete healing for “Bali”. Father, You know of all the details and we trust in You Father, for help.
    We ask that pain be taken away and that “Bali” may be comfortable and Blessed with Good Health. We give You thanks and praise for all You have done and are yet to do.
    In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.
    Thank You, Blessed and Risen Savior, for hearing our united prayers.

    In agreement with you Joyce for this!

  5. Father, we gather in prayer over Tricia, Bailey, Brenna, and Jamie.
    Lord, You know all the details for this Mother and her Girls. We ask Father, You heal them in all ways; physically, mentally, and spiritually. In Body, Mind, and Spirit. We thank You for all You do. We trust in You Father, for it is You that deserves all the Glory forever and ever. We ask that You bring many Miracle Blessings, to Tricia and these precious children. Tricia is teaching them to come to You with their problems and to just talk to You whenever they want. You are always there to listen. We also ask that You help Bailey with all situations dealing with the medaling of her Step Mother and Father. Please..Father, we ask for Peace and Comfort for these little girls and their Mommy.
    In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.
    Thank You, Blessed and Risen Savior, for hearing our united prayers.

  6. Prayers for my family: Please pray that the difficulties between my three adult children will be resolved and the hatred gone. And pray that my alcoholic son will realize that he needs help and needs to stop drinking. Pray that God lifts him up and shows him what real happiness and peace are,that he has two sons who need him,and how special it is to have a good relationship with his siblings. Also,please give me the strength to deal with all that is happening now and might happen in the future concerning my kids.
    Please keep Bali in all our prayers.
    Thank you— Carolyn

    Please know we are in agreement with your need as listed above Carolyn. God is on the throne!

  7. My hubby and I are in serious talks about our future plans in life as we age more and our health is not good.

    Today I got a clear direction from the Lord but I always ask him for 3 confirtmations. I have 2.
    I want the other one.

    I am so perked up by a long talk we had today.
    He is my VERY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD…….(LOL….most of the time hee hee).

    Please pray for us as this is VERY important!!!

  8. Father, we come to You in prayer over this woman and her husband. We know Father, You were there and still are as they talked about their future plans. We know Father, You are a part of this plan. You have made this happen. You are the most loving Man and we cherish time spent with You! Father, please bring that third confirmation to this wonderful woman, letting her feel the warmth and passion of Your love. We give You thanks and praise for all You have done and are yet to do.
    In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.,
    Thank You, Blessed and Risen Savior, for hearing our united prayers.
    Love and prayers,

  9. please pray for my son Elliot cruz that is very sick he been sick all week with pain all over his is his son and wife. jenniffer chritian cruz.may the mighty hand of god touch them may they get closer to god. thank you and many blessings…glory to god

  10. I love this site Arlene and I pray it will continue to grow.

    Pray for some young friends of ours that married and he was married before and has 3 small kids.
    The mom left when the 2 y/o was a tiny baby.
    They are trying to get custody rather than the grandparents. The father and his new wife are Christians and adore the kid.

  11. A prayer request for a lady’s son. A lady I know asked for prayer for her son who is suicidal. I do not know that he is a Christian and think probably not so this is imperitive that we pray!

    Father in Jesus name we take authority over the spirit of suicide in this son’s life and bind it from exhibiting itself in his life….we ask you send a laborer to witness to him and hopefully lead him to Jesus.

  12. Father, we come to You in prayer over this son. Father, You know who we are asking prayer for and You know all the details. We plead with You Father, for God News Very Soon.
    We ask that You bring Peace and Comfort to this Mother as well.
    In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.
    Thank You, Blessed and Risen Savior, for hearing our united prayers.

  13. Father, we come to You in prayer this evening over Alex, his mother, father, brothers and sister.
    Father, You know what is going on in this family. Alex is very sick with mental issues and we know he is taking drugs. His mother and dad as well as sister and 2 brothers are in such fear for him. We ask Father, that You perform a Miracle here and wake Alex up to see what he is doing to himself and his family as well as disobeying You, Father. We plead with You for Alex’s merciful healing and we ask that You hold him up to Your healing Throne. In the Name of Jesus we demand Satan stay from this child. We give You thanks and praise Father, for all You have done and are yet to do.
    C.J. Alex’s young 12 yr old brother is so afraid. He is having stomach aches and is so worried about his brother. He needs You Father, they all need You. We ask for the Blessings of Healing, Peace, Comfort and Miracles, Mind, Body and Spirit.
    In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.
    Thank You, Blessed and Risen Savior, for hearing our united prayers.

  14. Father,

    I stand in agreement with the above prayer requests. You Word says that wherever two or more on earth agree as touching any thing here on earth, You would do it…

    Thank You God that you can and will do whatever is needed in every instance.


  15. i agree god can do all thngs. and he has said where 2 or more are gathered together in agreement that he shall do — i need an agreement partner for my granddaughter. most of all she need salvation. she needs a job to support her newborn and his help in getting thru school so she can better herself and her child.

    I wanted to assure you Mary, I saw this request but wanted to take the time to come back and post to you that I AM in agreement with you for this granddaughter. How much this must break your heart. Let’s definitely agree together for her salvation too.

    We had an ice storm here in the southern Indiana/Louisville, KY area. There are almost half million people in Kentucky that are without power. The temperature tonight is 12 degrees at my house. We (my family) are very blessed that we only had tree limbs to break and fall and very little damage. We were without power for a little over 3 hours; very little compared to others. Both states have declared a state of emergency. There is 1/2 – 1″ of ice covering everything and no break in the temp. till SundayPlease keep those in need in your prayers. For some, this is a very dire situation.


    see prayer on emergency requests

  17. A friend of mine at church needs healing for her husband who is stuck in Texas and they live in SC. He is a trucker and is down with bad tonsilitis and infected tooth.
    He has to be on the road to pay their bills.
    His name is Keith K.

  18. Precious people,
    I want you to know how MUCH I care when I see your requests and that I do
    pray for you!

    God bless and especially touch each of you who visit this site………..Amen!

  19. Please pray for my husband and I. Due to his health and inability to keep up our place we built 9 years ago, we are going to put our home up for sale and move back home to Florida. Our children and grandchildren are there and they want us home to be near them. We must sale our home first. So God is in control.

    Thank you……this site will continue as always.

  20. My dear Brother’s and Sister’s…I come to you this morning with a broken heart!!! I awoke this morning and found a card from my husband of 1yr. (our annv. was on the 23rd.) he writes ” Cindy, I want to thank you for always being there. This is hard for me. I love you but not in love with you. I no that I have ruined your life. I want to be single again. I will try to help you in what ever you want to do. I’m sorry Jim p.s. There is no one else” We have not had any problems….this is the second time he has did this to me in the last 3yrs……….I’m confused………I am crushed………..AND I had put this is God’s Hands a week ago when I felt something was going on in him. I had told the Lord that I was going on faith not on site………sssooo…..why? Please pray for us!!!!!!!!! I had him watch the movie “Fireproof”. But I guess even though I had believed God was working and now this!!!!!!!!!!! Help me….Please!!!!!!!!! With Love and prayers, Cindy

    My dear Cindy, what a heartbreak to awake to. Obviously Jim needs help to
    find out what he does want in life. He needs to understand the meaning of the word commitment. But only God can ”fix” this.
    I come into agreement with you for Jim to be persuaded by the conviction of the Holy Spirit to see God’s help and to find someone who he can confide in that will help him find himself.
    Bless you dear one.

  21. I am praying for these requests.

    I also wanted to ask for prayer for the leaders of our nation as they are making changes to help the economy of this country. Great wisdom is needed because it is the future generations that will pay the price for what we decide today.

    God go with you all.

  22. I have high fever and chills. Temp was over 103. It is down to around 102 now.

    Please pray. I feel horrible.

  23. Father, we gather in prayer over Dave and Arlene, asking for a complete healing of their bodies. Father, we are so grateful for all You have done thus far and are yet to do. So again we ask that You rid their bodies of everything and anything not of You. We know they are healed by Your Stripes.
    In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.
    Thank You, Blessed and Risen Savior, for hearing our United prayers.

  24. Please pray for my 17 yr. old grandaughter. She is in a destructive relationship with a guy and feels like she really loves him and can’t give him up. She has suffered severe depression because of this and is on an antidepressant. Her parents are beside themselves.

  25. Dear Lord,

    Thank you for granting the above prayer requests. I stand in agreement with these requests and thank You now for Your answers and we give You all the praise and all the glory. Thank You Lord. Amen and Amen

  26. I wanted to thank you for praying for my grandaughter (see 2-19 prayer request). She prayed and asked God to help her get over the boy she thinks ahe’s in love with and things have been much better! There is even a new guy who is interested in her. This is a wonderful website and I have been praying for different ones. God is faithful is His love and care for us. Bless Your name, Oh Lord – we praise You!

  27. I would like to request prayer for a friend who is having a hysterectomy this AM. Please pray against cancer as her cancer mark was up to 300 when the Dr. checked her recently. In Dec. marker was around 80 now it is 300. Not good –
    but God is our Great Physician and I know not only that He can heal but that He Will Heal. Thank for your prayers and your time. We give You all the praise and all the glory, Lord. Thank You in advance for Your grace and mercy. Amen and Amen

  28. A few months ago, I requested prayer for an old school friend who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The cancer had gone into remission and now has returned. Please continue to pray for him to recover and be healed. Thank you Prayer Warriors. I also request prayer for my son’s friends, Thandi, Tina, Sage and Mitch. There are various problems and please stand in agreement with me for healing for these friends. Thank you for your faithfulness and prayers..

    I also you all to stand with me for the healing of another friend who has been diagnosed with throat cancer. The cancer comes and goes and now is back also. Thank you for your prayers and faithfulness.

    Dear Lord, I continue to stand in agreement for the solutions to Arlene and Dave problems. Thank you in advance for Your Hand on these situations. We give you all the praise and all the glory, Lord. We praise You. Amen and Amen

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