Posted by: willpray4u | October 9, 2008

God’s Promises never end!

The Promises of God are precious to each of us.  How often they will get you through just one moment of time.  Sometimes through a whole day or week!

For years I had learned as a child that the RAINBOW WAS THE SYMBOL OF GOD’S PROMISE TO “US” THAT HE WOULD NEVER AGAIN FLOOD THE EARTH FOR WICKEDNESS OF MAN.    Then I learned, as I reread that passage of scripture, that it is actually A PROMISE TO ”HIMSELF’ THAT HE WOULD NEVER FLOOD THE EARTH AGAIN!  Isn’t that just such an awesome thought?  Think about that over the next day or so and realize how much it means to you that he is being sure HE REMEMBERS!!!!

Let’s remember the promises of God when we have needs this week.  I have them.  You have them.  We all do.





  1. Annette Davis |

    A second request for prayer for another friend who will be begin chemo after discovery of a recurrent cancer problem. Please stand with me in prayer for perfect health for this dear friend also.

    Thank you and God bless you all.

    Love and Blessings,

  2. Hi everyone,

    Please pray for a friend, classmate of mine and Bali’s. He is going into surgery next Monday, the 13th for a circulation blockage.

    Please stand in agreement with me for angels to surround the operating room and for God to guide the surgeon’s hand. Total and perfect restoration of health.

    After this problem has been fixed, he then needs a surgical procedure on his cervical vertebrae for correction in his spine. Please stand in agreement with me for perfect health for this friend.

    God bless you and thank you for your prayers.

    Love, Annette

    Today is the surgical date for Ferrin but I have received no word as yet. I will post it here as soon as I do receive it. Thank you Annette for the heads up on this need.

  3. Please pray with me on my daughter and husband and two grandsons will become rooted and grounded
    in God and in a church with other christians who will take them into their bosoms. I am attending a church with them now and it makes me happy!!!:):)

    Thank you for your prayers………Love Annette

  4. Hi all……..

    Hope you can find our way around here because I SURE CAN’T~
    Do NOT KNOW what happened but am awaiting Tech Support to fix my pages back in order.

  5. PRAISE GOD!~ With HIS HELP working this senior’s brain, I figured this out myself and things are back to order.

  6. My mother went into the hospital Saturdayafternoon,she was coughing quite a bit and they said she had aspiration pnumonia.
    She is not able to swallow her food very well and they took a swallow test on Monday and said she has spasms in her asopagus, please pray that she doesn’t need a feeding tube and the spasms would stop and her swallowing would get better.

    I know and believe if you all agree with me in prayer that God in His mercy would touch and heal her

    Thanks, and God Bless,

    Will be praying for her. Come back here and leave a message when you see how she is.

  7. Dear Praying friends, please pray for me as I go back for my 6 month Pet/CT scan. Please pray it is negative for any cancer and all the tissues and cells are healthy and normal. Thanks,Carolyn

  8. Guadlupe is in hospital my grandaughters father. Lupe is diabetic and has an infection is his leg. The other foot has ulcers on the bottom of his foot. Sunday October 11, he confessed openly salvation has again prevailed. Praise his name. Thank you
    Shalom Shalom

  9. Dear Friends in Christ,

    We ask your prayers. Please pray with us concerning the many brush fires that have plagued California this past year. A new outbreak has taken place in Southern California’s suburban areas and people have had to evacuate their homes.

    Dear Heavenly Father, we come seeking Your grace and mercy concerning the out break of fires that repeatedly plague California hills and forest areas. Please Lord, put a stop to the combenation of destructive forces of wind and fire playing havoc with uncontrolled flames.

    Raise up Your standard and suffer not these forces to continue to prevail, threatening homes, property and lives. Direct the winds to cease blowing the flames toward destruction and command it to favor the fire fighters in putting out the blazes. Speak Lord, and they shall obey.

    If there is a person, or persons involved in deliberately starting fires, we ask You, Lord, to apprehend them and cause them to cease, bind them and hinder all their destructive activity. Let them not go free.

    As to carelessness Lord, we pray, let not the enemy use people in such a way. We ask that You would even hinder natural fire outbreaks. For surely, we have already had an excessive amount. We pray mercy, Lord.

    Dear God, please send the rain in its season to Northern and Southern Ca. Soak the parched earth and trees, but without floods or excessive flooding. You are able to send it and control it, if you will. . . We need the rain Lord, we need the rain.

    We give YOU all the praise and glory. For YOU alone are the Lord. YOU alone are the Almighty One.

    Thank You Father, Son and Holy Spirit.



  10. We are praying about the fires in Calif. We have seen this so often occurring in Calif and ask God’s intervention to give the firefighters, home and business owners and others in the paths, escape from harm and protect them from injury in Jesus name.

  11. Pray the Vote 2008

    if you can participate please do!!!!!!!

  12. Bali thanks for writing on my wall Please pray for my family. my Brother is in hospice in the hospital with falling vitals. Contracted MRSA on top of cancer and intestinal blockages from frequent surgeries. i have one Brother still 6 hours away. Pray they get here safely and in time before Kenn goes home to Jesus. Thanks so much for you and your website…A miracle would be wonderful! Thanks Wanda

  13. Thanks Wanda and I pray for all of you in this troubling time.

    God be close to you especially. Keep me posted.

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