Posted by: willpray4u | October 1, 2008

No Weapon…..


      No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
      And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
      You shall condemn.
      This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,
      And their righteousness is from Me,”
      Says the LORD.  Isaiah 54:17

Challenges arise in our lives everyday that can tempt us, hurt us,

cause us to doubt, give up and fall.  But GOD has said that

NO WEAPON formed against us shall prosper.  Because we face

spiritual enemies, we need to fight a spiritual warfare.  I will write

more on this later.  Meanwhile just remember to CLAIM THIS






  1. Pray is needed for Rev Smallman. He is under going tests for a mass in his stomach. Thank you Lord for Your Healing Power in Rev’s life and Your Faithfulness to all generation. Also prayer is needed for his wife Ruby with diverticulitus.
    Blessings in Him, Kathy

    Kathy, I join you in agreement for Rev. Smallman’s healing. God’s servant’s are on the front lines in the enemy’s sites so they really need
    our coverage with prayer. Also for his wife Ruby, Lord we pray for healling for her intestinal system and that it will not develop into anything serious. In Jesus name Amen.

  2. PLEASE PRAY!!!!!!!!!!


    They called EARLY this morning to cancel my husband’s appointment with him. They said they DO NOT KNOW HOW LONG BEFORE HE CAN RETURN TO WORK!!!!!!!!

    We can’t find out more info – they said they don’t know if it is a matter of days/weeks/months!!!!!!!!
    That is a bit scary but we are praying!!!!!!

    please pray for this man. DR. PAT LOLLIS!

    He is a WONDERFUL CHRISTIAN DOCTOR! Very active in his church. Has young children. He has a compassionate spirit was voted one of the TOP 2 doctors in our county this year!

    Not long ago he was on another field helping to coach a ball game with his little boy when a child on another game/field had to be rescued and had DIED…..OUR DOCTOR LOLLIS WHEN INTO QUICK ACTION AND DID CPR, SAVED THIS BOY’S LIFE!

  3. Please leave a note to let us know you are praying!!!!!!! Will update asap.

  4. Your doctor sounds like an amazing Christian man and physician! I am saying a prayer for him right now!

  5. He IS amazing BJ which is just another reason we know Satan is wanting to stop the ministry of this dear man in the prime of his life.

    I am going to call around as soon as it is late enough to see what we can find out.

    When they said they had no idea if it was days, weeks or months, well imagination runs rampant so we are just really prayingl.

  6. Bali,

    I am spreading the word for ya. This is bad when you are left hanging about the doc. Meanwhile he is covered in prayer.

    Let us know as soon as you know something.

  7. “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will raise a standard against him.” That is a promise from God from Isaiah we will claim for the doctor.

  8. Praying for your doctor, Bali –
    I am so sorry about it.

    Thanks Cathy!!!!! Read the note below that I left for Mary. I feel like this is a family crisis. He has been Dave and mine’s primary physician for 9 years! (since we moved from FL!!!!!!) The practice of about 5 doctors has a Christian Fish symbol on their stationery, their RX pads, etc.

  9. Praying for your Dr, until I hear he is ok. I will also put him on Prayer list for other’s to Pray for him and his Family! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY 🙂
    PS: Bali you and your Family are also , in my Prayer’s.God Bless You Bali

    Thank you so very much Mary!!! Great to have praying friends! I have him on my heart constantly and praying as I go through my day. When I stop and really think of him I cry as I seek God’s mercy and grace to heal him!! This man is so precious to the communicty. He is a sports doctor locally as well for one of the teams. He graduated from the same high school as the town in which he practices. He has a large family in town and they are great people. There is a very large Baptist Church in the town (the one near to us that we choose to do our main shopping for groceries, that has the closest Walmart etc. but still is 19 miles away). He is so beloved in the church and as active as he can be as a physician.
    Thanks SO MUCH! I will let you know when I hear anything substantial. Waiting to hear how he did through the procedure of putting in the halo. He has to wear it 12 weeks which takes him past Christmas. I understand his wife really needs our prayers as well.

  10. will add him to my prayer rosary. i just got home from hospital, was in for 2 days with breathing problems. better today but extremely tired. BALI, I GOT ME AN ELECTRIC SCOOTER!!!!! found it in a local swapsheet for 300 dollars and the credit union was nice enough to loan me the money for it. Praise the Lord, he does answer prayers

    I am just so thankful it was just 2 days but please be careful! Don’t want you back in that place. I read this earlier but didn’t comment. I am thrilled about the scooter! I really pray it increases your mobility and your enjoyment of each day.
    You are one special person miss kitty! 😉

  11. My husband and I would appreciate some prayer for our household finances!

    We have entered what has become a real test on our wallet. We are both disabled and retired so are not able to increase our income. As many across this country, we are “fixed income” folks.
    This past few weeks we have had everything breakdown and repairs and replacements are mounting above our ability to keep up. This includes, Air Conditioning unit (2nd time in 3 weeks…….JUST QUIT TODAY AGAIN!!!! after spending $500 on it already in Sept.!), one of the cars, 2 pool motors last week, which had to be replaced or shovel dirt in the pool and cover it up. It is for our health (exercise…..therapy).
    This past week our phones went out and ATT finally got up here to check it out. OF COURSE IT IS our lines inside not theirs lol…… that is another $100 if we had allowed them inside. Instead hubby is taking care of it.

    He is a fix-it man my nature but there ARE limits especially now that he has COPD.

    I don’t mean to whine…….we all are facing enormous money struggles in this economy but we ARE being hit hard in daily basis just around the house. Thanks friends for your simple prayer for us.

  12. follow up on the above……’s the compressor to a tune of $2500. They will be installing it tomorrow. It is our AC AND Heat pump.

  13. Please help me lift Peggi Ruddy up in prayer…
    She is in the NICU and having complications post surgery (fluid build-up, respiratory issues and possibly some internal bleeding). Please pray for wisdom & discernment for the medical team; healing, comfort & peace for Peggi and the Ruddy family. Feel free to place Peggi on any prayer lists.

    Mahalo nui ame Akua Ho’omaika’i ia ou kou,
    Lani *:o)

  14. Dear Lord,

    I pray for the above matters. Please send help in every situation. Your Word says that you answer our prayers even before we complete them.

    We stand together for the healing of bodies and finances. Thank you that you are a good God and You are faithful even when we are not. We praise you Lord and thank you for your grace in each matter. Amen and Amen

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