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God, I need more faith! Help me have more faith!

(This is the Prayer Request Page.  Post request here then follow instructions for chatting etc.)

This is the cry of all of our hearts from time to time.  Especially when facing a really important need.  God says without faith we cannot please Him.  So He wants us to have it.  I asked that myself last night and His Holy Spirit quickened my memory of the word. How do we get more faith?

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.  Romans 10:17. 

That told me CLEARLY that I need to read His Word more, listen to His Word preached more, and get the Word into me as much and in any way I can. 

Maybe you work, driving you could listen to CD’s or tapes of the Bible.  I have a cd set and a cassette that I am not using like I used to do.  I made up my mind to put them on when I go to sleep at least.


Write your requests here under COMMENTS……..what do you need to put IN GOD’S HANDS?


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  1. My request first is that I have faith enough to not only pray for my own needed healing but pray for others and they too shall be healed.

    I will do my part and ask God to drop the gift of faith into my heart as I obey Him.

  2. these were emailed to harris, name is below >
    thanks :)))))

    Thank you for taking a moment to speak the names listed below. God knows their needs better than I …

    Jennifer – just said good-bye to her mother, a Believer, and is now getting her mother’s home in selling condition while also finding a facility to place her grandmother in. Her mother took care of her grandmother.

    Jane and Glenn – saying good-bye to their precious son, Dennis due to a mosquito bite that caused West Nile Virus. The last I was told, he’d been taken off child support today. This is their second adult son to have to bury.

    Kevin – still waiting on biopsy results from a mole removed that tested positive for a cancer. Another deeper section has been sent for testing.

    Edie – struggling with her 2nd occurrence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. We are praying for the cancer to stay non-aggressive so that she can put off treatments for cooler weather. Please lift she and her husband Carroll up as they make vital decisions on both of their care. Carroll suffers from blood sugar complications and every day can be a battle for both of them.

    Denise – “I went today to have some blood work and a CT scan for some abdominal pain. Every time I have a pain it kind of freaks me out because they are watching some spots on my liver and lungs. I have had them checked before and they have always been stable.”

    Susan – desiring to let go completely of a toxic relationship. Pray specifically that she knows who she is in Christ! And that she is worth being treated as the child of Christ she is.

    Bonnie – said good-bye to her mother today – who lives near the coast in La and making funeral arrangements around the storm. Travel graces for all the family members attending, including my son, Collin and his father.

    Alicia – letting go of the hurt and finding complete peace and justification in knowing it’s not her battle, but God’s to fight and fix.

    Jessalyn – raising a toddler while recovering from gall bladder surgery and no insurance.

    Kim – 1st trimester of pregnancy and recovering from the flu, severe morning sickness and an upper respiratory infection.

    Leah & Chris – concerns with Chris’s mother and her health mentally and physically.

    Susie – recovering from eye surgery.

    Coast Residents – I have several friends on my team that are evacuating – some have not even finished rebuilding from Katrina 3 years ago. Lift them up for sanity, safe travel and peace.

    The Nichols – just transferred to Texas -trying to find the home God has for them – a good school for their son and easy transition with new friends and teachers.

    Thank you,


    Have read these and have covered them with prayer…..WillPray4U datetime=”2008-08-31T10:19:01+00:00″>

  3. Father God………..there are needs listed here…..a site You led me to establish. For this reason I know that YOU see these needs and even more as we call attention to them, You see the lives and hearts of those involved.

    In FAITH, I speak to the sickness, disease, ailments and infirmities and command them to leave as the BLOOD OF JESUS covers each person. I speak to the storms in the southern
    seas and command them to BE PEACEFUL AND STILL! I join with other Christians praying and
    pray protection for all coastal cities and towns in the USA and the Carribean, Mexico and Western Carribean. Gustav… have NO PERMISSION from God or the Children of God to attack these countries. You must dwindle and wander until your strength is subsided! In JESUS NAME AND BY HIS BLOOD!!!!!!!!!! AMEN

  4. 6.1 magnitude quake kills 22 in southwest China

    just in………..please pray. Whew! Disasters everywhere.

    Let’s ALL be ready for the rapture and the end of times!

  5. We have great prayer needs. Satan is trying to get more attention than God but this is the day the Lord has made and we WILL REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT for God has it in control.

    Prayerfully I continue to watch the latest progress or lack thereof due to prayer, of the storms. Maybe the rapture will come and we will all fly away……well probably not but will be when we least expect it.

    Bali I am praying……..I think so many are that are not typing on here of course as well.

  6. PLEASE!
    Everyone that visits this even if just to look it over, take a moment at least for the EMERGENCY requests and please say a prayer for these urgent needs.

    See GRACE under the emergency tabs!!!!!!!

    Please see the note on this by me under the emerg. req.


    Let us join in agreement that they will turn and be
    slowed down and turned out to sea.

  8. Pray for our nation as it enters decision time for the next President of the United States. The DNC has ended and the RNC ends tonight. Tomorrow they battle between the candidates officially begins.

    Pray for YOUR CHOICE to be led by God and to be sure you do vote.

  9. I have really been sick today. We have been unusually busy before and after having carpet installed in our home this week. This has been a huge physical challenge for me. We are taking our time in putting things back so we can kind of clean and rearrange a few things as we go. Since I depend on my cleaning lady, this is horrible for me to do. With my back and other health conditions……..I need TONS of prayer!

    Then today, I have had an attack of the enemy in the form of a stomach virus and swollen glands.
    We were out of church 2 years due to my health and husband’s as well. We began to attend again over a month ago and are going only on a PUSH each week. Satan is mad about this and every Sat. I have to fight the enemy. This should not be. Sunday mornings are hard too but we are pushing through. I need prayer for this as it is a testimony of what God will do when we put Him first.

    Thanks……….I think satan is pretty mad about this blog site too. We are getting many hits so I know people are reading anyway.

  10. I need to ask God for the strengh for both mom and I to get through our illnesses and to ask him to see us through financally at this time, we really could use the prayers. May God Bless

    Praying with all my heart Cindy. Look at the other request…..there is a prayer for you both on it.

  11. Dear Cindy,

    Am standing in agreement for your requests. Lord, thank You that wherever any two agree as touching anything, You will do it. Thank for Your answers of Yes, and Amen….

    We give You all the Praise and all the glory.

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