Posted by: willpray4u | August 18, 2008

Does it seem there is just so much to worry about?

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Life throws enough at each of us each day, that in the natural, we do worry.  But God has given us a HIGHER ROAD to travel.  It is called Faith. 

My Daddy received a diagnosis of lung cancer 2 years before he died.  He was told he has 3-9 months to live.  He did all the right things in making sure Mother would be cared for, sold the family home and moved the two of them into a Christian run ACLF.  They shared a room because after all they didn’t expect it to be for long………little did they know.  Daddy never took any treatment.  He was 81 when he met Jesus face to face and when people would ask him how he was or how long he had, etc., he always had the same answer…..I don’t worry about that…..”IT’S IN GOD’S HANDS.”  That is where the motto for this ministry came from.  He and Mother had been married just a few weeks short of 62 years.

Let’s do that now.  Put all of our cares and worries in God’s hands.



  1. I received an update on my sister, Betty, that had the stroke recently. She is slowly regaining feeling and use of her left side. WHAT A PRAISE THE LORD THAT IS!
    She is receiving Therapy at home and has had to make changes in her life but that is nothing compared to what could have happened.

    Thank you all that prayed for her and if you think of it, do continue to mention her to complete the healing process. She is a musician and wants to be able to play again.

  2. I have a request for prayer for myself. S hingles is something I have had to deal with off and on for a few years. They are on the back of my neck and just broke out again. I am pretty frustrated. Pray that these will dissipate and no longer be a problem for me.

  3. Please all Christians, let’s get on this Russia thing! We need to pray mightily about this
    bullying Russia is doing on Georgia before they
    decide to attack another country.

  4. I am with you fire4Jesus! This world is crazy! There is a lot of prayer still needed for our election process ahead of us. His Heart is for peace and life……..not the strife that is going on. Let us all pray for peace of Jerusalem too.

  5. I just got an email that informed me of the death of the wife of one of my former Doctors when I was in Florida. As a nurse, I worked with him.
    He retired early as his wife had a form of Lou Gehrigs Disease. I had not know she had passed away. I am not sure when.

    He is not saved. He and his son have looked into the eastern religions and I now read that his son is pursuing the priesthood of the Inca religion!!!!!

    Please pray for this need!

  6. Praying that the shingles will Go, in the name of Jesus, Bali. That’s a nice post about your daddy. Agreeing in prayer for the other requests too.

  7. Thanks for prayers Cathy! The shingles are becoming less painful and less itchy PTL. Still dealing with back pain which is permanent nerve
    damage unless God intervene. But God is so good.

  8. Thanks for prayers everyone! Shingles still a little troublesome and itchy but hopefully no new places tomorrow. I think we caught it in time with the meds.

    I am hopeful because I put my life IN GOD’S HANDS………..where it needs to be and to stay.

  9. In a message dated 11/6/2008 9:38:27 PM Pacific Standard Time, ForzaBruna writes


    When I asked for these Prayers we did not have the full Dr’s report.
    Today we have it: It seems my niece is in stage four, it has mastasized to her liver.
    She will have s a colonectomy tomorrow AM. Followed then, in the weeks coming, Kemo Therapy.
    They say she is is in good health and her age, 47, is in her favor.
    Please keep her on all your prayer list, she has an 11 year old, Belen Carmella, to finish bringing up.
    I have just received some bad news about my Niece, Kitty Dutton she has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. They are saying maybe surgery next week, they are doing more testing first.
    Please put her on your prayer lists.
    We will know more in a day or two.
    Also thank you for all your prayers for my Grand daughter. She is doing much better.
    God Is Good,
    All The Time
    Thank you.

    Am sorry to learn of this. We willpray4u and trusting God to bring healing into this situation.

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