Posted by: willpray4u | August 11, 2008

Are you swirling around in a storm of your life?

     Leave your prayer need under comments for others to pray for you.



  1. There is love for you you here. A quiet, peaceful place to visit and share your pray requests and needs with us.

  2. Dear Friends in Christ,

    Your prayers are much needed. My granddaughter is involved with a young man, very kind, generous, a hard worker and earnest. He wants to marry my granddaughter and I believe she wants to marry him.

    My daughter is opposed to it because he has a physical ailment that comes and goes and which could render him helpless in time.

    ***Please pray for this young man’s salvation, emotional healing, and deliverance from this dreaded condition.

    Pray also for my daughter to have peace about the situation and change her attitude about this young man. . . regardless to whether her daughter marries him or not.

    As to my granddaughter and if she should marry him, we pray to the Lord. They are both in their late twenties, both lonely and needing love and desiring marriage. Pray that our Lord would intervene in this situation according to HIS will and fix that which is lacking and needful. HE alone knows the inner most needs of people and what is best for everyone.

    We pray also that the rest of the family be gracious and kind in welcoming him into the family, if the Lord should bless this union. Lord hear our prayer. Thank you Jesus.

    Pray for me and my personal needs. Amen.



  3. Candle……I will pray for your problems to be handled by God.

    I am praying for all of these needs on here.

    Continue to pray for the Olympics that they will be safe over there from terrorists attacks.

  4. I have a personal prayer request. I am going through some deeply troubling situations within
    my work place. I am not quite sure what I need
    to do next. I need direction. Thank you for

  5. Dear Bali,
    I’m so sorry to hear what happened to you. We just pray the Lord will raise you up and touch you with His healing hand. We trust in Him, and He is our hope. In Jesus name ~ Just rest and take your medicine.


  6. thanks so much Cathy!

  7. Bali, we all want to see you completely healed, and we ask God for that healing in Jesus’ name. amen and amen

  8. Praying or you Bali. I know back pain oh way too well! I look here often and pray or each request.

    Please pray or us in Florida so that we don’t get damage from the latest storm out there.

  9. I have a new prayer request.

    Could you pray please for our finances
    because we are ”stuck”. There is no
    way to increase them and with the
    increase in overall expenses for everyone
    right now, we just can’t seem to quit
    living from pay check to pay check.
    Even then, there is not enough to coverr
    things we need to buy that are just normal
    purchases for house upkeep and so forth.
    And yes, I do tithe.

  10. I am praying for the requests each day.

    I want to ask that we pray for the little girl that is missing. Resolution to that
    case needs to come fast. If she is alive
    time is of the essence. It breaks my heart.

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