Posted by: willpray4u | August 1, 2008

NEW *** On a trial basis, will NOT require you to sign in to use.

Come unto me………

Feel free to post your requests and select a user name you think will not be taken.  (not just ”carol” but carol in FL, etc.



  1. good choice!

  2. Thank you for making this simpler.

    Please pray that we will become a closer group.
    We need to be closer to the rest of the body of Christ in these trying days in the world.

    Please pray for elections…….people need to make wise choices based on the Bible.

  3. I am so very happy you did it this way so much easier to understand God bless you for all your hard work sister in Christ

  4. Please pray for my whole family i feel we are being attacked by withcraft someone has send our way.

    Val I see your request and I have prayed. 2 Cor. 10 tells us we do not wrestly against flesh and blood and you seem to know this. Fight this with SPIRITUAL WEAPONS NOT CARNAL ONES. Re-read Ephesians 6:10-18 which shows you exactly how to fight. I join with you in Binding every satanic spirit from attacking your home including all witchcraft spirits and demonstrations. I apply the Blood of Jesus to your home and family! In Jesus name Amen!

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