Posted by: willpray4u | July 30, 2008

Don’t forget to fellowship with each other on the chat page.


As some of us who desire it, chat with one another, the closeness to each other will follow and our prayers can be even more specific and personal.

JESUS prayed for others and left that example for us to be obedient and do the same.  HE is the ULTIMATE INTERCESSOR.



  1. This is a cool post Bali. I hope you will do more like this. We need reminders of what this world is all about.

    I wanted to ask for prayer for 3 people I know that need salvation. I mean a true encounter with Jesus Christ Himself.

    Thanks again for this place.

  2. I just found this and am so thankful you have started this blog. We have missed the emails greatly but they were hard to keep up with at times when one is busy. This will be much easier.
    Thank you for the time you are using to develop this. I will pass the word along.

    Maybe a comment at the top on how to log on would helpl

    Have a Jesus filled day and I will pray 4 this site.

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