Posted by: willpray4u | July 25, 2008

Lifting our requests to God….He speaks to us too!




    Many of you know me by a nickname “Bali”……
    Many have known me for years. I come to you with a heavy heart tonight as I have just learned this afternoon that my sister “Betty Raye” who lives out of state from me, had a stroke and is in the hospital.
    As of now she is unable to move her left side but the doctors say that with rehab she should recover completely. She is a Musician, dedicated to serving God. Has been church organist for over 50 years, led choirs, and sings. This is such a blow for her now. They just sold their home they owned since before their girls were born, to move closer to one of their children and grandchildren just because of age, they knew something like this could happen. They have not been in their new home long and have been through a very stressful year with all of that.

    Please pray for her as God works in her body, through the doctors and other health care workers to help her heal for His glory.

    Thanks so much.

    Update…….talked with my sister today and she is beginning to get a little feeling back in her left side…….they hope to bring her back all the way in time!

  2. My sister has gone home to be followed by in home and then outpatient therapy. Thank you so much for prayers. Continue to remember us all as you think of it.


  3. I pray for the requests on here and ask God to show His powerful presence in the lives of all.

    I pray for healing that will enable my writing to
    become more proficient and that I find the exact
    will of the Lord at this place in my life.

  4. First I just want to praise the Lord for this new prayer page. We needed this so we can come anytime. It is good to have user names too I think.

    I wanted to ask for prayer for a little boy that needs kidneys. One is failing and the other is not working at all. He needs a total creative miracle.

  5. God Bless. This a wonderful site you have put up, so much to enjoy . I can feel a spirit as I read . I just read prayer request here saying litle boy needs kidneys, one not working and other one failing. I will be praying for a miracle to be performed in his life. I myself recently lost kidney to kidney failure and doing all I can to keep the other one working and alive. Have a blessed evening and thanks again for a superb job on this site. Jeane

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