Our presence here on the internet is for YOU

to have a place to write a Prayer Request and/or to chat with other visitors here.

Feel free to leave any message for us under the message tab.  BLOG away.  This is your site to interact with other Christians so you will feel comfortable on a special  site for  you.  Discuss current events or talk about scripture, about things going on in your personal lives, anything but lets interact and become a group of new friends away from the Facebook  crowd, and I promise, no farms or cafes here lol.


 To leave a prayer request: 

GO to the TAB above that SAYS  “PRAYER REQUESTS”,

Simply click on that TAB and you are own your way. 

Choose the latest POST I have left for you to read….

If you want to leave a comment or a prayer request,

Click on  COMMENTS and then leave a request. 

If you just want to LEAVE A NOTE or to chat,

 click on the   MESSAGE TAB  above.


The   DEVOTIONAL   is changed periodically. 

 I hope you will enjoy them.

I welcome your comments on the devotional

 or other aspects of the ministry.

Click on  other links in the MENU,  or as listed on the right hand column.   

**Mission Statement of WillPray4U Ministries 
**The mission of WillPray4U Ministries is to i
ntercede to God through Christ, on behalf of others, including one another. 
This is done via the use of the internet,or other media tools as they are developed 
 and put to work, while cultivating an attitude of prayer and promoting a quality
 prayer life in each of the individual members’ daily lives.  We do this by
 providing daily devotional material, notes of edification, scripture, daily prayer, 
intercession, and instruction as necessary.
 Original 2/25/1998
revised 2009

















Minister, Founder and President of WillPray4U Ministries

Arlene Sheridan Jones – Ordained 2000









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